Wrestlers: Everything we know about the Netflix docuseries

Gabriela Silva
OVF founder Al Snow in Netflix's Wrestlers docuseries.

In the world of professional wrestling, before going to the big leagues, wrestlers go through the indie circuit, with Netflix’s documentary series Wresters cataloging the ups and downs of the professional wrestling league Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW).

Even non-wrestling fans have heard the names Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Dave Bautista, and even The Miz. Before some of them became Hollywood stars and WWE legends, they were indie wrestlers who had to prove their worth in the ring. At the heart of the indie circuit is the OVW, run by legendary 90s wrestler Al Snow.

While many may see professional wrestling as a glamour show with choreographed moves and storylines, it takes grit and determination to succeed. Not everyone has what it takes to walk the ramp to the ring in WWE. The indie scene tests every wrestler down to the bone.

Netflix‘s Wrestlers docuseries goes deep into what the average Joe goes through inside and outside the ring. All the while, behind closed doors, Snow tries to keep the business going.

Wrestlers: What is the Netflix docuseries about?

The OVW will be explored in Netflix’s Wrestlers as Al Snow battles with financial burdens, new ownership, and the drama among wrestlers between their in-ring personalities and keeping their pro wrestling dreams alive.

According to Tudum, “The fight at the center of the story is even more intense: Legendary wrestler Al Snow is attempting to keep professional wrestling league Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) afloat, navigating the brutal waters of mounting debt and the power struggles of new ownership.”

For wrestling fans, Snow is a legend who created his in-ring persona in the mid-90s. Between ECW and WWF/E, he gained traction as a chaotic and outlandish persona who would talk to a mannequin head called “Head.” After his wrestling career, he was a road agent until opening the OVW in Louisville, Kentucky in 2018.

Despite the incredible talent that has walked through the doors of the OVW, it has struggled to stay afloat. Netflix’s Wrestlers will detail the behind-the-scenes truth, “revealing the hardship and sacrifice that goes into creating this highly complex feat of performance art and athleticism.”

At the heart is Snow’s decision to sell the majority ownership of OVW to radio personality Matt Jones.

Wrestlers: When is the release date on Netflix?

Wrestling fans or those curious about the business will get to watch Wrestlers on Netflix on September 13, 2023.

Like most documentary series, Wrestlers will have a limited run with only eight episodes. But within those episodes, fans will see indie wrestlers going through grit and grime to hopefully become the next WWE star. After all, the OVW has pushed out a few celebrities.

But Wrestlers will go deeper as some wrestlers take their in-ring personalities home with them. Some even cause a ruckus outside the ring. From bronzed spray-tanned buttocks to broken tables and chairs, Wrestlers will give fans everything. For some, wrestling is their entire life, with the WWE as the light at the end of the tunnel.

Al Snow has one summer to turn OVW into a money maker, or it’s closed doors forever.

Wrestlers: Is there a trailer?

Netflix released the official trailer for Wrestlers on August 21, 2023. Fans can watch it below.

You can read more about Netflix content here, and news about the WWE, like Logan Paul’s tag team idea here.

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