Why Five Nights at Freddy’s director was keen to get creators involved in the film

Virginia Glaze

Emma Tammi, director of the Five Nights at Freddy’s film, told us why she was keen on getting influencers involved in the movie during an exclusive interview.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a hugely popular franchise, having spawned multiple fan games, spin-off titles, and even novels at this point.

A huge part of the FNAF community exists online, with a slew of high-profile YouTubers gaining extreme amounts of popularity for playing the horror games for audiences of millions of viewers.

Names like CoryxKenshin and Markiplier come to mind, both of whom gained wide acclaim as a result of playing through the many FNAF games on the market back in the late 2010’s.

It’s already known that Cory plays a cameo role in the movie. In fact, the YouTube star got some time to shine in trailers for the film, showing off his acting chops in a humorous sequence.

Other YouTubers also made a small cameo in the background of Fazbear’s Pizza, with names like 8-bit Ryan, Dawko, and Razzbowski getting their photos on an ‘Employee of the Month’ board on set.

Emma Tammi “honored” to include influencers in FNAF movie

We spoke with FNAF director Emma Tammi about why she decided to include influencers in the movie and what it was like directing them.

According to Tammi, it was an “honor” getting the community involved in the movie and helped the crew feel “validated” about the film resonating with fans.

“It was so fun, and it was really an honor to have them there and have them be so excited about the project,” she told us. “And also so validating that what we were doing was really going to resonate with the fanbase.”

“They were really so sweet, and just brought their all to the roles that they were playing. I’m really proud of the cameos in the film.”

While some big names have roles in the movie, YouTube star Markiplier confirmed that he was unfortunately unable to film for the flick due to scheduling conflicts with his own project, Iron Lung.

Interview conducted by Britanni Johnson.

Five Nights and Freddy’s will be in theaters and streaming on Peacock from October 27, 2023. For more on the movie, head here. While to check out the rest of our horror coverage, click here.

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