Who dies in Yellowjackets Season 2? Every death so far

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Lottie in Yellowjackets Season 2

Hit supernatural series Yellowjackets Season 2 has its fair share of deaths, so here’s everyone who died this season.

2021’s first season of Yellowjackets became a smash hit, with multiple Emmy nominations in 2022, and a green light for Season 2. Thankfully, the second season, which just finished today, has easily lived up to the first.

Fans had been waiting eagerly for said second season, which continues the story of a soccer team that was stranded in the wild for a year after a plane crash, and the ensuing trauma that lives on into their adulthood. A lot of this trauma stems from the fact that not every teenager made it back home alive. The first season had some shocking deaths, and Season 2 is continuing that.

So for those who want to know, here’s all the deaths that have happened in Season 2. We won’t be discussing the deaths of Season 1, so don’t expect to see Jackie on this list – though if you want to know what happened to her corpse this season, click here. And of course, major Yellowjackets spoilers ahead!

Travis – Hanged himself, with some Wilderness intervention

travis yellowjackets

Okay, technically Travis died last season, so maybe he shouldn’t count on this list either, but we see how he actually dies in Season 2. Travis is the son of the head coach of the Yellowjackets team, and gets stranded in the Wilderness along with the other girls. His adult life is one of trauma and drug abuse, and eventually the Darkness finds Travis again, just like it did in the Wilderness, leading to tragic events.

Travis decides that he needs to almost die – like Natalie and Van – in order to hear what the darkness wants, and then maybe he can make it go away. Even Lottie gets involved with this, agreeing to help him hang himself just long enough to go unconscious.

However, the button controlling the crane that he’s hanging on gets stuck, and Lottie is overcome by visions. When she comes to, Travis is suspended much further up, and is clearly dead. Lottie may be more involved though than she admits however, and to read more about that, click here.

Crystal – Fell/pushed off a cliff

crystal in yellowjackets

Crystal is a pretty new addition to the teen Yellowjackets this season. She’s a lover of musicals, and is somewhat ostracized by the other girls because of it, but this season shows her beginning a new fun friendship with Misty. However, this friendship falls apart, both figuratively and literally.

The two girls are sharing secrets with one another, as they complete the chore of taking the toiler-bucket out and throwing its contents off a cliff. They’re happily getting into the nitty gritty stuff, with Crystal even admitting that her name isn’t even Crystal. However, Misty takes things a step too far when she admits that she broke the crashed plane’s Black Box, which caused the girls to be stranded without hope of rescue.

Crystal is of course horrified by this, and denounces their friendship, as she also knows that Misty poisoned everyone with lucid berries last season. Misty, who is already somewhat unhinged, threatens to kill Crystal if she tells anyone, but she doesn’t have to. In their argument, which takes place during a snowstorm, Crystal takes a step back due to Misty’s aggression, and stumbles off the cliff to her death.

Shauna’s baby – Died at birth

Shauna in Yellowjackets Season 2

Young Shauna had been pregnant for most of the show, and in episode 6, she finally gives birth. However, she first has a horrifying vision that everyone in the cabin eats the baby, which she then snaps out of to find that her baby didn’t survive the birthing process. Granted, the baby could have been dead long before then – there’s no ultrasound tech out there in the wilderness, but we can imagine that it died from complications at some point this season.

Now, whether these complications were brought on by supernatural factors is another question. Shauna actually hallucinates for a good while that her baby is born alive and well. She struggles to nurse it, and worries that Lottie will take the baby for herself. She even rejects Lottie’s supernatural attempts to help the baby before it’s born, which could have been a factor in its death.

Talking about the birthing scene, Shauna’s actor Sophie Nélisse stated, “It’s been emotionally and physically draining.”

“Liz [Garbus, the director] directed Handmaid’s Tale and so she sent me a bunch of clips from that. Also I’ve talked to as many women as possible about their birthing experience. I just tried to get as many life stories as possible, even from my mom. And of course Shauna’s put in such a specific position where it’s scarier and they don’t have doctors and they don’t know what they’re doing.”

Javi – Freezes/drowns in the lake

javi in yellowjackets

Javi’s death is a sad one, the only solace being that his death prevents Natalie from being eaten by the other girls.

See, the teens are starving, and in desperation, the group decides to draw cards, and whoever gets the Queen will be the one to be killed and eaten. Natalie draws the Queen, and Shauna is about to slit her throat, even symbolically putting Jackie’s necklace around her. However, Travis intervenes and Natalie is able to escape, while the other girls try to hunt her through the Wilderness.

While running, Javi offers to guide Natalie away. However, this is over a frozen lake, and Javi falls through the ice into the water. Natalie goes to help him, but Misty stops her, saying that if she saves him the girls will just kill her instead. The group watches as Javi slips under and freezes – tragically so, as he calls out to Natalie for help while they all just stand their horrified – and it seems like he’s about to become their next meal.

Detective Kevyn Tan – Poisoned and shot by Walter

tan and saracusa in yellowjackets

Kevyn Tan is a police detective tasked with figuring out who murdered Adam last season – spoiler alert, it was Shauna. However, new character Walter gets involved, as he knows that Misty has something to do with it. He guides the police to where all the Yellowjackets are, that being Sunshine Honey, aka Lottie’s cult.

Detective Tan – who was actually friends with some of the Yellowjacket’s back in high school – meets Walter in the kitchen of the compound, where Walter offers him some hot cocoa. During this scene, Jeff arrives and tries to save Shauna by confessing to Adam’s murder. However, before Tan can do anything, he passes out, as Walter had put something in his drink.

Walter and Jeff put Tan in the trunk of his police car, and when Detective Saracusa finds him, Walter grabs his gun, shoots Tan’s body multiple times, and then blackmails Saracusa into pretending that he himself killed Tan due to Police corruption.

Natalie – Accidently stabbed by Misty


The big death this season is older Natalie, who dies at the very end of the final episode. This season’s events led up to the adult Yellowjackets preforming another hunt, like the one they did as teenagers to survive. While this hunt doesn’t go quite as planned, blood still gets drawn.

See, everyone starts getting caught up in this hunt. Natalie, Van, Tai, Misty, and Lottie are all meant to be chasing Shauna, but Callie shoots Lottie in the arm to defend her mom. Then, as the girls are bandaging Lottie up, Lisa, a member of Lottie’s cult, also holds them at gunpoint, as from her point of view, it seems like they’re all about to murder Lottie, as they’re all holding knives.

This conflict escalates to the point where Misty goes to stab Lisa with a syringe filled with phenobarbital. However, Natalie, who still feels guilty about letting Javi die in her place, jumps in front of the needle to protect Lisa, and ends up dying in Misty’s arms. Misty doesn’t go to prison for it – they frame it as a drug overdose – but she is heartbroken after killing her “best friend.” But according to visions that Natalie has of herself on a plane, she at least dies with a feeling of peace.

Yellowjackets Season 2 is currently available to stream in full. To find out how you can watch it, click here.

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