What happens at the end of Tim Burton’s Wednesday? Plus how it sets up Season 2

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All eight episode of Wednesday are now streaming on Netflix, and with Tim Burton’s Addams Family spinoff having a pretty complicated plot, here’s a run-down of what happened at the end, and how the show’s central mystery was ultimately solved. So BEWARE OF SPOILERS AHEAD.

Wednesday Addams spends much of her first solo series working as a sleuth, solving mini-mysteries throughout the eight excellent episodes that just debuted on Netflix, and which we have reviewed here.

The biggest of those investigations involved the murders occurring in the woods that surround Nevermore Academy, with kids being killed or mauled by a monster throughout the season.

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As the climax approaches, Wednesday realises that the killer “Hyde” in question is her friend – and potential love interest – Tyler. But one mystery remains, who is controlling him? Which takes us into the season finale.

What is Miss Thornhill’s plan?

Early in Episode 8 – entitled “A Murder of Woes” – Eugene reveals that during his woodland attack, he briefly saw someone wearing red boots. Wednesday immediately identifies that person as her kindly teacher and dorm mom Marylin Thornhill (Christina Ricci), AKA Laurel Gates, who believes her family were previously wronged by the Addams clan, making this a revenge plot.

Wednesday confronts Miss Thornhill, and learns that she used plant-derived chemicals to unlock the monster within Tyler, at the same time enslaving the teen to do her bidding. Which involved killing kids, while she made Wednesday feel special, before ultimately sacrificing her.

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Thornhill then commands Tyler to shut Wednesday up, permanently. But turns out it isn’t Tyler she’s talking to, but rather shapeshifter Principal Weens. A rouse that doesn’t last long as Marilyn promptly stabs Weems with a nightshade-tipped blade, and knocks Wednesday out with a shovel.

Thornhill then reveals her true plan – to resurrect Joseph Crackstone, whose sarcophagus was cursed by Wednesday’s ancestor Goody Addams. Meaning she needs Wednesday’s blood to open the tomb and re-animate the monster, which she duly does, Frankenstein-style.

What is Joseph Crackstone’s plan?

Joseph Crackstone was a pilgrim founder of Jericho, and a man who was “dedicated to protecting normies from outcast.” His plan to achieve this was simple – eradicate the outcasts.

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When Crackstone is brought back to life, he exclaims “My vengeance will be swift and true”, then stabs Wednesday, and suggests she “burn in the eternal fires of hell.” Joseph then heads to Nevermore to begin expunging abominations from the earth.

But Wednesday receives help in the shape of ghostly Goody Addams, who heals her, and advises her to stab Joseph through his black heart. And so a battle at the Academy ensues, with Crackstone and Thornhill on one side, and Wednesday, Enid, Bianca, and Eugene on the other.

In spite of the potentially mortal injury, good triumphs over evil, with Thornhill taken down by Eugene’s bees, and Wednesday stabbing Crackstone’s heart, causing him to burn up and fade away.

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How the ending of Wednesday sets up Season 2

Wednesday then types “THE END” and we see that she has been turning what happened during the series into her first novel. It’s then the end of the school year, so she says goodbye to Enid (who is heading back to San Francisco), and Xavier (who gives her a phone containing his number).

With that, Lurch picks Wednesday up and drives her back to the Addams house in New Jersey. But en route, she receives messages from some unseen foe who claims to be watching Wednesday, and who then sends stalkery pictures of her.

Finally we see Tyler being driven away in the back of a van, where he starts to transform into his Hyde form. Suggesting this is only the beginning of Wednesday’s troubles…

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Wednesday is currently streaming on Netflix, while you can read about five films that influenced the series here.