Wednesday star Jenna Ortega had nightmares “for years” after this horror movie

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While Wednesday star Jenna Ortega may be the new Scream Queen on the block, there’s one horror movie that had her screaming for real.

She’s creepy and she’s kooky, mysterious and spooky, she’s all together ooky, the… Jenna Ortega. And now she’s starring in a new Netflix series that focuses on the arguably most iconic Addams Family member, Wednesday Addams. We greatly enjoyed the series here at Dexerto, and you can read our review here.

Like Wednesday Addams, Ortega has become a horror icon as of late. After starring in multiple spooky franchises, such as Wednesday, X, and Scream 5, she’s branded herself as a lover of the scary. However, even some horror flicks are too much for her.

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In a recent interview, the actor revealed which horror movie terrified her as a child, stating that it gave her nightmares “for years” afterwards.

Jenna Ortega’s first horror film traumatized her

In a video interview with Elle, Ortega revealed that a certain slasher flick had a profound effect on her as a kid, and this was only made worse by the fact that this was the first horror film she had ever seen.

What was the movie you ask? Well, considering that Ortega was a child, none other than the classic 1988 film, Child’s Play.

“I think the first scary movie I watched, or at least saw part of before I ran away in fear was Child’s Play, I wanna say,” the actor explained. “My older siblings and my Tio were watching and I asked if I could watch the movie with them because I loved movies, and they said, ‘No, you’re gonna be too scared’.”

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The film would of course be scary for a young girl, since the plot revolves around a doll, the iconic Chucky, getting possessed by a serial killer, and then attempting to murder the child who receives said doll.

Ortega continued: “They sent me to my room and I remember peeking around the corner of my hallway to watch the film and I literally only saw his hand.

“I screamed in terror ’cause I knew he was this murderous doll, and then every year I would have a nightmare about a hand up until I was about 15.”

While this clearly wasn’t a good experience for the young star, thankfully Ortega has stuck with the spooky genre, and now we have plenty of films with her in that are set to traumatise future generations of children. The horror!

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Watch the full interview with Wednesday star Jenna Ortega below:

Wednesday is currently available to stream on Netflix. Find out more about Season 2 here.