Vince Gilligan’s next project after Better Call Saul compared to The Twilight Zone

Brianna Reeves
vince Gilligan new show

Reports claim Better Call Saul Co-Creator Vince Gilligan will soon pitch a new show that draws comparisons to The Twilight Zone.

Vince Gilligan counts among the most prolific TV writers of our time, having created Breaking Bad and co-created its prequel series, Better Call Saul.

With the latter set to premiere its final episode this month, many can’t help but wonder where Gilligan’s talents will take him next.

The man himself has yet to offer much in the way of concrete details, yet a new report suggests Gilligan may take a break from crime dramas for a while.

Vince Gilligan’s new show draws Twilight Zone comparisons

According to a report from Deadline, Vince Gilligan will begin pitching another original TV series in the next couple of weeks.

Eight to nine networks have already expressed an interest in the project, which will come from Gilligan’s overall deal with Sony Pictures Television.

Reportedly, the word is that whatever comes next marks a departure from the Breaking Bad universe, instead harkening back to his roots on The X-Files, where he served as a writer and producer.

Vince Gilligan new show teased
Better Call Saul is in its sixth and final season.

Deadline notes that Vince Gilligan’s X-Files episodes often focalized the human condition, something that will supposedly sit center stage in his new show, as well.

Those in the know have described the mystery project as a “blended, grounded genre drama,” one reminiscent of The Twilight Zone.

Though the series will take place in a tweaked version of the real world, Gilligan allegedly aims to explore the “human condition in an unexpected, surprising way.”

But because the producer has yet to formally pitch the idea to networks and streaming platforms, it could be some time before firm details begin to publicly circulate.

AMC will air the final episode of the Gilligan-co-created Better Call Saul on Monday, August 15.