Tom Holland’s Spider-Man rumored to fight Tom Hardy’s Venom

spiderman and venomMarvel/Sony

Spider-Man and Venom haven’t fought on the big screen since the Raimi trilogy in the 2000s – but according to a new rumor, this may be about to change in Spider-Man 4 or Venom 3.

Spider-Man and Venom have a long, arduous history. The pair have a tragic backstory, iconic rivalry, and a… not-so-great onscreen relationship.

This is mainly due to the fact that Venom’s onscreen depictions have been… odd, to say the least – we still stand by that the best depiction of Venom is in the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon – but Tom Hardy’s recent Venom film series has at least won over audiences in a campy sense.

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So, the idea that the two characters could fight in a future film is certainly an exciting prospect.

Venom could appear in a future Spider-Man film, and vice versa

Culture Spider, a reputable leaker, recently tweeted: “Ember report: Tom Holland will fight Tom Hardy’s Venom.”

Now, this could mean either two things: Spider-Man will appear in a future Venom film, like Venom 3, or Venom will appear in a future MCU Spider-Man film, such as Spider-Man 4. And considering previous cameos, either could be possible.

A suggestion that the two foes could actually go toe-to-toe first came with the post-credits scene of the Venom sequel Let There Be Carnage, in which Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock appeared to be transported from one universe to another, in which he saw news footage of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man’s secret identity being exposed.

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Then, Venom appeared in another cut scene, this time in Spider-Man: No Way Home, where he relaxed on a beach before being transported back to his own universe, adding some nice continuity.

So, it’s obviously possible that the two can exist in the same universe, and if the MCU continues on its multiverse saga, the foes’ paths could cross again, this time in battle.

Fans react to Spider-Man’s rumored future battle

There were mixed opinions regarding this report.

Some responded positivley on Twitter, with one user stating, “We’re all hoping it happens.”

While others were expecting the worst. One user said they would have preferred Venom go up against Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, which makes sense as they’re both from Sony’s depiction of the Spider-Man universe.

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They argued: “Seriously, Andrew is more fit for that particular area of Spider-Man and Tom has his MCU and potential and they choose to go with that stupid decision?”

But considering that Garfield has popped up in a film with Tom Holland, perhaps he could fight Venom alongside him. Anything is possible at this point.

According to another Spider-Man 4 rumor, we may see Holland’s Spidey teaming up with Charlie Cox’s Daredevil following the events of the Born Again series.