The Witcher Blood Origin: Who is Seanchai? Narrator explained

Minnie Driver as Seanchai in The Witcher Blood OriginNetflix

The Witcher: Blood Origin introduces a mysterious, enchanting narrator: Seanchai – but who are they, and why are they in the show?

Set thousands of years prior to Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia slaying beasts and wandering the Continent with Joey Batey’s Jaskier, The Witcher: Blood Origin is a four-part limited series on Netflix.

However, chronicles two major events in the history of the show: the “conjunction of the spheres”, when the worlds of elves, humans, and monsters collided into one, and the creation of the first prototype Witcher.

Blood Origin is only based on a “few lines” from Andrzej Sapkowski, and considering how much lore the series endeavors to explore, we needed a guiding hand – enter Seanchai.

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The Witcher Blood Origin: Who is Seanchai?

Seanchai, primarily played by Minnie Driver, is a shapeshifting elven sorceress who serves as a narrator for both the audience and Jaskier during The Witcher: Blood Origin.

In an interview with Dexerto ahead of the show’s release, Driver said: “Well, Seanchai, they are telling Jaskier a story that is going to help.

“She needs him to sing the story into The Witcher universe because it’s going to help things that are happening there. So, she really is taking him back 1,200 years in time to the origin of the Witcher, to remind him and everyone of how they began.”

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In the first scenes of Blood Origin, Jaskier is in the thick of it; surrounded by flames, rain as thick and heavy as the blood smothering his clothes. Suddenly, time stops – and he’s greeted by himself. Seanchai soon reveals herself and asks Jaskier to “sing a song back to life.”

While the show is considered to be a one-and-done idea, Driver would be open to reprising her role. “Yeah, I would love to. It’s such a clever, beautiful character – to introduce a character who can not only shapeshift but move between times and planets, it’s smart and it means that character can look different and can bring different stories,” she said.

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“In terms of narrative television, that’s just a cool way of moving the story along, so I think it’s clever and smart and I would very much hope they would involve that character again. Yeah, it’d be great.”

The Witcher: Blood Origin is on Netflix now. You can check out our review here, and the rest of our coverage here.