‘The Man With 1000 Kids’ reveals whether he’s the ‘Lion of Mombasa’

Daisy Phillipson
Footage of Jonathan Meijer shown in The Man With 1000 Kids

In Netflix’s The Man With 1000 Kids, a question mark that remained over Jonathan Meijer was whether or not he’s the ‘Lion of Mombasa’ – until now. 

You see, the anonymous Facebook profile appeared as an admin on a group called Kenya Sperm Donors, alongside a number of other prolific donors, including Kyle Gordy

In the new true crime docu-series, fertility fraud activist Eve Wiley reveals that while digging into the Meijer case, she had a source who had infiltrated the Facebook group. 

According to the insider, the admin allegedly discussed the different “hotspots” looking for European donors, with listed areas including Brazil, certain parts of Asia, and Kenya. 

But the most troubling revelation arose when Wiley’s source spoke with sperm donor Anthony Greenfield, who allegedly said the Kenyan sperm clinic had “milked him like a cow” and that he intended to “bleach Africa.”

As Wiley and a number of parents looked into the group, they noticed a new profile being added as an admin: the Lion of Mombasa. 

Still of the Lion of Mombasa's Facebook profile
The Facebook user became one of the group’s admin

In The Man With 1000 Kids, they say they believe it belonged to Meijer due to the fact that he had recently gone to Kenya for a two-week trip and that he’d said a number of times that lions are his favorite animal. 

However, Meijer has now addressed the allegations in an interview with the Independent, claiming he isn’t the Lion of Mombasa, nor did he donate to a sperm bank in Kenya. 

As for the other mass donors associated with the Facebook group, Meijer said, “I don’t have contact with these guys. I don’t want anything to do with these idiots.”

When told about the “bleach Africa” comment, he replied, “That’s just disgusting. I distance myself a million miles from this guy. He’s horrible. I’ve heard that these right-wing guys want to spread the white gene or something, all this crap.”

Still of messages shown in The Man With 1000 Kids
These messages were allegedly sent by Anthony Greenfield

Meijer insisted that his intentions were always innocent, and that he just wanted to help families. 

“People can think about me what they want, and maybe I didn’t do everything perfect. I agree, I could have been better, but there’s also a reality to consider,” he added. 

“If you look at Cryos, there’s only 200 active donors for the whole world. The demand is only increasing. They should make it easier for a man to become a donor, instead of saying you need to be ashamed.”

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