The Boys fans have one big question about Tek Knight

Cameron Frew
Tek Knight and The Seven in The Boys

Tek Knight returns in The Boys Season 4 Episode 6, proving himself to be a scary, formidable supe – and fans have been left asking one question.

Unlike his comic book counterpart, Tek Knight (aka Robert Vernon) isn’t just The Boys’ version of Batman and Iron Man. He has actual superpowers; more specifically, super-senses, with enhanced vision, sight, and smell.

In Gen V, it’s revealed he’s an incredibly successful TV personality, hosting an investigative documentary series alongside his other superhero duties (like saving a woman from a hostage crisis… only to break her spine in the process).

In the simplest terms, he’s powerful, famous, and generally well-liked (he was Hughie’s favorite supe growing up). So, fans are curious… why has he never joined The Seven?

Tek Knight

“It’s odd that whenever Vought is looking for a replacement member they settle on random small time heroes like Super-Sonic or Blindspot when they already have access to Tek Knight,” one user on the show’s subreddit wrote.

“He would also just be very useful for Vought to have around. Edgar could use him to help find the source of company leaks, intimidate witnesses etc,” they added.

It’s a fair point; Homelander has been trying to find the leak at Vought, and if he had Tek Knight, he’d probably figure out it was A-Train quite quickly.

There may be a few reasons. As other fans have pointed out, Homelander clearly isn’t a fan (when Tek Knight suggests a team-up, he dismisses him and mocks the fact he can’t fly), which is an insurmountable hurdle.

“They don’t need him to be in The Seven when he’s massively profitable as a solo hero,” another user commented – which is true! Tek Knight is a popular asset for Vought – placing him in The Seven makes him vulnerable and risks over-exposure.

“Tek Knight is a detective that prefers to work alone but his sexual capacity was a reason Vought couldn’t risk him as he is a PR nightmare f**king any hole he can find,” a third pointed out.

If you didn’t watch Gen V, it was revealed that he has a fetish for anything vaguely hole-shaped, to the point he even imagines genitalia when he looks at trees. It’s believed that a brain tumor is affecting his behavior, another reason he’s not fit for The Seven.

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