Succession Season 4 Episode 8: Who is Fikret?

Cameron Frew
Fikret, played by Greg Harvey, in Succession

Who is Fikret in Succession? Season 4 Episode 8 ended with Kendall saying, “Some people just can’t cut a deal, Fikret” – but who is he?

In our review, we said: “Succession Episode 8 is Season 4’s most entertaining, incendiary episode yet; in all of its shameless ugliness and point-blank refusal to bend to sentiment, it’s the Hugo to Aaron Sorkin’s Bart.”

The episode unfolds across Election Night, with Daniel Jiménez going to war with far-right fascist Jeryd Mencken at the polls as Kendall, Roman, and Shiv try to secure insurance from the next POTUS, regardless of who wins.

In the closing scenes, the siblings’ relationship implodes after Kendall and Roman discover Shiv’s betrayal and collusion with Matsson. As Kendall drives home, he talks to someone named Fikret – who is he? Spoilers to follow…

Who is Fikret in Succession?

Fikret is Kendall’s driver, played by Greg Harvey. He has only been seen on-screen in two episodes: ‘Celebration’, the show’s 2018 pilot, and ‘Sh*t Show at the F*ck Factory’, the second episode in Season 1.

Other than that, we don’t know much more about Fikret. He’s important to Kendall, so much so he asked to specifically keep him when he asked Logan to cut him out of Waystar in Season 3, saying: “I keep Fikret, Jess, and I’m gone.”

Understandably, some fans didn’t remember who he was when Kendall said his name. “Who is Fikret, and what does this mean?” one user wrote.

“Who the f**k is Fikret,” another wrote. “Were we already familiar with Fikret? Did I miss a Fikret episode? Will he dominate the last two episodes of the series? Who is Fikret?” a third tweeted.

However, some fans are absolutely delighted at Fikret popping up, even if it’s only off-screen. “FIKRET NATION WE ARE EATING!!!” one wrote. “Shout out to Ken always talking to Fikret at random moments all the way back to the pilot,” another tweeted. “Oh god this really is the day we make it happen Fikret,” a third wrote.

Perhaps we’ll be treated to one final on-screen appearance from Fikret before the show bows out.

Succession Season 4 Episodes 1-8 are streaming on HBO and Sky now. Episode 9 will be available to watch on May 21 in the US and May 22 in the UK. Check out our other coverage below:

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