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Stranger Things season 4: BTS images reveal new club logo

Published: 7/Nov/2020 15:54

by Emma Soteriou


New images from Stranger Things season four have shown more detail about The Hellfire club. The season is set to be ‘better than ever’, according to executive producer Shawn Levy. 

The much-anticipated season four of Stranger Things saw delays due to the ongoing health crisis, with production only recently able to continue.

However, fans still came together to share their love for the show on Stranger Things Day – the day Will Byers originally went missing in season one – November 6.

This year, fans were treated to some behind the scenes images from the show, revealing more details about what’s to come.

Stranger things season 2
The group in season 2 of Stranger Things

What is The Hellfire Club?

It was revealed on Stranger Things Day 2019 that the first episode of season four would be called The Hellfire Club.

Having not appeared on the show before, the introduction of the group left many fans wondering what exactly their role would be in the upcoming season.

In a collection of tweets by the official Stranger Things account, the group’s logo was revealed.

It includes a demon head, blazing sword, and, what looks to be, dungeons and dragons-styled dice.

The thread also included a behind the scenes image and clip from Gaten Matarazzo who plays Dustin.

It’s clear that Dustin will be a part of The Hellfire Club, with him sporting a top and flag with the logo.

His involvement could also link to the others left behind in Hawkins too, following on from the end of last season.

One of the show’s producers, Shawn Levy, recently said that delays in production had actually worked in their favor, giving the Duffer brothers time to finish working on the whole season and do rewrites before filming.

“The quality of these screenplays are exceptional,” he said to Collider.”Maybe better than ever.”

The release date for Stranger Things season four is yet to be decided, but you can find out more about the season here.

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Sasha Banks confirms the fate of her Mandalorian character Koska Reeves

Published: 26/Nov/2020 10:19

by Daniel Megarry


WWE star Sasha Banks made a fan-pleasing appearance in The Mandalorian during Season 2, but will we be seeing any more of her?

After months of speculation, Banks finally made her debut on the Disney+ series in Chapter 11, which aired this November. Her character, Koska Reeves, was revealed to be a Mandalorian working alongside Clone Wars character Bo-Katan Kryze, who was brought to life by Katee Sackhoff.

Banks’ addition to the show was well-received by fans of both Star Wars and WWE, but she also didn’t get that much screen time or dialogue. So naturally, viewers have been wondering if that’s the last we’ll see of her character Koska, or if she’ll return for more in the future.

Sasha Banks made a fan-pleasing debut on The Mandalorian in Chapter 11

Will Sasha Banks return to The Mandalorian?

Well, that question has now been answered, and it’s bad news for Banks fans. The wrestler-turned-actor confirmed in a new interview with ComicBook that she only signed on for one episode – but also shared her hopes that Koska and Bo-Katan will claim the Darksaber in a future season.

“I’m only in this episode,” she revealed. “It’s awesome, but we can only hope for more stuff. So, if I can pray and manifest anything, I just hope myself and Katee, Bo-Katan, can hopefully get the Darksaber one day. But we’ll have to see, I don’t know.”

Unsurprisingly, Banks kept her lips sealed when it came to teasers about where the show is heading. Either she genuinely doesn’t know like us, or she’s very good at keeping secrets.

Sasha Banks in The Mandalorian Season 2
Sasha Banks hopes her character will return to The Mandalorian and wield the Darksaber

“I have no idea, we have to keep watching,” she said. “Everyone was expecting Ahsoka to be on this episode but we have to see, I don’t know. I’m watching like a fan every single week and I’m just on the edge of my seat, I’m like, I don’t know. So I’m just with you guys, I’m a fan.”

Speaking of Ahsoka Tano, many fans have been speculating what will happen when she finally appears on The Mandalorian, and what that could mean for the adorable Baby Yoda – a new theory suggests he has a surprising fate, one that’s different than viewers were expecting.

You can catch new episodes of The Mandalorian Season 2 on Disney+ every Friday.