Riverdale Season 7: How does Betty get revenge on Alice?

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Betty in riverdale season 7

Riverdale Season 7 Episode 7 has Betty face the grief of 1950s double-standards, but how does she get her own back on her strict mother?

Riverdale, the drama-mystery series that brought Archie Comics characters to life in various wacky ways, continues to make a name for itself in pop culture. We’ve long-since watched the first three episodes, and you can read our review here.

This season – which is the show’s last – takes us back to the 1950s, but when it comes to teenage sexuality, there are no traditional 50s values here. In Episode 3, for example, we all saw the main cast getting steamy in a make-out party.

However, the characters’ parents are trying desperately to shame the teens into good behavior, which particularly shines through Alice’s treatment of Betty. But Betty finally makes a stand in Episode 7 – but how does she do it? We’ll explain.

How does Betty stand up to Alice in Riverdale Season 7?

Betty makes a stand in the episode at the Riverdale Grandstand, buy twirling in such a way that the audience – and those watching at home – can see her underwear.

Betty has been trying to explore her sexuality in numerous ways this season. She reads books, has fantasies, and Veronica shows her how to wear lingerie and feel good in it. This lingerie leads to Betty and Archie stripping for each other through their windows, however their parents unfortunately catch them.

And as we still know today, there are double standards when it comes to girls’ and boys’ displays of sexuality. When wind of their stripping escapades get out, Archie is cheered for it, whereas Betty is called a “hussy.”

Turns out that Betty’s mother, Alice, who has been shaming her daughter for weeks, is the one to tell everyone.

And as punishment, Betty is forced to dance in the Riverdale Grandstand 50th anniversary, which is a Corny Collins style teen dance show that happens adjacent to the local news show that Betty’s parents run.

Betty being forced to dance every evening is so that she won’t have time to flirt with boys, with Alice also stating: “And if I catch wind of you even saying ‘hello’ to that redheaded pervert… well, you don’t want to see me frosted, young lady.”

Turns out that Betty is the one to get frosted, as she’s clearly had enough. At the Riverdale Grandstand – which many people were watching live as it’s the 50th anniversary – every other teen is dancing pretty tamely. But Betty makes her way into the centre, and exclaims: “You cool cats wanna see what a real twirl looks like?” She then turns in such a way that her underwear can be seen from all angles, giving truth to the title of the episode: “Dirty Dancing.”

Alice is shocked, claiming that Betty has broken her heart. But for us, it’s great to see Betty finally take a stand against her overbearing mother.

This big moment was actually pretty tame in comparison to other decisions that the characters have made in previous seasons – no demonic cults to be found here, just regular old societal expectations. Just another reason why Season 7 may be one of the best Riverdale seasons yet.

Riverdale is currently premiering weekly on the CW. To find out when you can watch it, click here.

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