Rachel Wolfson says Jackass rejected stars after social media checks

Cameron Frew
Rachel Wolfson in Jackass Forever and on the YMH Podcast

Jackass Forever star Rachel Wolfson was one of the movie’s newcomers – but the studio rejected other possible recruits after “serious” social media searches.

Jackass Forever came after years of humming-and-hawing from Johnny Knoxville and co., who seemed happy to part ways with the havoc-wreaking, ball-busting franchise after its 3D big-screen outing in 2010.

Nevertheless, the idea of one last hurrah persisted, and even with the crew much older (though not wiser) and behind-the-scenes issues with Bam Margera, they delivered. Of course, they were just as hilarious as ever, but the film came with fresh, fearless blood in the form of Wolfson, Eric Manaka, Sean ‘Poopies’ McInerney, Zach Holmes, and Jasper.

The casting process for Forever was “huge”, but some people didn’t even get past the first round of social media searches, Wolfson has revealed.

Rachel Wolfson reveals “serious” Jackass Forever casting checks

During an appearance on the Your Mom’s House podcast, Wolfson spoke about joining the Jackass Forever crew and how the studio took deep dives into everyone’s social media pages before they were cast.

“You can imagine what that casting must have been like. It’s still Paramount, so they had a huge list of people they’d want to cast and then they went through all of their social medias – and some people didn’t even make it through that round,” she explained.

“They’re very serious, all these studios and stuff… they’re gonna search through everything now. They don’t wanna invest in someone who said the n-word or something… they just don’t wanna invest in that, I don’t think, so they do a really thorough search.”

Rachel Wolfson talks about the social media checks at 41:14 in the video below:

Wolfson recently finished work on new episodes of Ridiculousness, and she was left stunned when she was asked to hand over her social media login details as part of a background check. Not for Twitter, nor Facebook or Instagram – but for MySpace.

“I was like, ‘What? I don’t even know the password.’ The email that I used for that got hacked by pornographers, so I don’t even have access to that account. So, they search through everything.”

Funnily enough, Wolfson was discovered by Knoxville via social media. “I remember one day in 2019, Johnny Knoxville was liking all of my jokes and posts on Instagram. He was really supportive, way more supportive than my boyfriend at the time… like why is Johnny Knoxville liking everything and you don’t like one picture?” she told UNILAD in an earlier interview.

“Sometime in May, Knoxville slid into my DMs and I too thought it was a prank. He asked if I wanted to have a phone call and then he explained it was an anniversary special – he didn’t reveal it was the movie initially – and he asked me to come in for a meeting with him and Jeff Tremaine. It was truly the quickest meeting I’ve ever been a part of. They asked if I wanted to work with them on Jackass, and I said absolutely. The rest is history.”

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