Quiet on Set viewers shocked by Jason Handy’s sentence

Daisy Phillipson
Jason Handy shown in Quiet on Set

Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV exposes the crimes of former Nickelodeon production assistant Jason Handy, leaving viewers shocked over his prison sentence. 

ID’s latest true crime docuseries aired over the weekend, pulling back the curtain on the kid’s TV empire built by Nickelodeon hitmaker Dan Schneider. 

Actor Drake Bell appears in the series to open up about the abuse he experienced as a child star by Brian Peck, who was later employed by the Disney Channel after his arrest.

But Peck was one of several child sex offenders who worked for the network in a short space of time, another being Jason Michael Handy. Warning: Some may find this content distressing. 

Quiet on Set viewers shocked by Jason Handy’s sentence

After Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV, viewers have expressed their shock over the revelation that Jason Handy was only sentenced to six years in prison, especially after discovering he was arrested again in 2014 for similar crimes. 

In 2004, the former Nickelodeon production assistant pleaded no contest to two felony counts, including lewd acts on a child and distributing sexually explicit material. He was released in 2009 when he moved to North Carolina. In 2014, Handy was arrested again on charges including indecent liberties with a child and sex offender registry violations.

Quiet on Set sees MJ — the mother of former Amanda Show star identified as Brandi — describing how Handy befriended her young daughter. Initially, she “didn’t see any harm” in the pair exchanging emails. 

However, she later noticed Brandi suddenly shutting her computer and storming into her bedroom. “I said, ‘Brandi, what is wrong?’ She started to cry and she said, ‘I got an email from Jason.’ It was a picture of him naked, masturbating.” 

In 2003, when Handy’s home was searched, officers discovered ziplock bags containing tokens from a number of underage girls. They also found a diary in which he described himself as “a pedophile, full-blown,” all of which is unveiled in the true crime series. 

Taking to X after watching Quiet on Set, one said, “Jason Handy had pictures, videos, zip lock souvenirs, and journals admitting to being a pedo?! And ONLY GOT 6 YEARS?! What.” Another wrote: “The fact that Jason Handy only got six years in prison says a ton about our legal system.”

“Authorities found 10,000 child porn photos that belonged to Jason Handy, evidence of him SA two kids, and a confession from him admitting to being a pedophile and he only got six years in jail. I AM DONE,” added a third. 

Others felt anger towards MJ for not reporting the email to the police, explaining in Quiet on Set that she was worried authorities would think she was a bad parent for allowing Brandi to talk to Handy. 

“Brandi’s mom is dead ass wrong for not reporting Jason Handy to the police. That was an ironclad case,” said one viewer, while another wrote, “Brandi’s mom saying everything got swept under the rug as if she didn’t have a direct hand in that because she didn’t call the police the first time.”

Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV is available on ID and Max, which you can sign up for here. Read more about Brian Peck’s connection to John Wayne Gacy here, and check out all of the true crime and documentaries heading to streaming this month here.

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