Nintendo fans torn on Super Smash Bros film despite Mario Movie success

Michael Gwilliam
poster mockup for super smash bros movie

Gaming and film fanatics are torn at the possibility of a Super Smash Bros team-up film following the recent success of the Mario Movie.

Video game movies have hit a bunch of new highs recently with Sonic, Detective Pikachu, The Super Mario Bros Movie and more receiving glowing reviews from critics.

Even on the TV front, The Last of Us on HBO stunned fans with its ability to adapt the PlayStation classic into what many consider a cinematic masterpiece.

As such, some fans have begun wondering if we could see Mario and others team up in a Nintendo Cinematic Universe event in the form of Smash Bros, but not everyone is on board with the idea.

Smash Bros movie leaves Nintendo fans split

After a concept poster for a Smash movie was designed by ‘agtdesign10’ on Twitter, YouTuber Schaffrillas uploaded a video taking aim at the idea of a Smash film.

In the video, he tore into the idea of having numerous video game characters team up after first getting solo films each. Primarily, he found it difficult to create a coherent plot while justifying a shared universe.

As the video gained traction, users on Twitter seemed completely torn on the argument with some agreeing that a Smash movie would be a bad idea while others believed it could work.

“Only way I see it working is if the premise is really like the OG Smash Bros and they’re all toys being played with by a kid. Just ripping off the Lego movie,” one remarked.

“I think it’d be cool if it was like a gladiator thing, where everyone was summoned against their will and wind up teaming up against the Master Hands or Tabuu or whoever. As long as they don’t feel like they need to make a movie for every character first,” another commented.

“My rotted Nintendo fanboy brain would still think the idea of a Smash movie is a very fun concept but it sure as hell won’t work in the long run,” a fan conceded. “Perfectly said about Illumination keeping Mario and other studios working on Zelda or Metroid.”

The Mario Movie introduced several characters who appear in Smash including Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong and even Little Mac, albeit in the form of an Easter Egg.

So far, Nintendo has yet to announce any sort of crossover or a Smash movie and even if they were planning one, it would likely be very far off. Still, it’s clear that fans may take a bit of convincing if such a project ever did come to fruition.

That said, Sonic voice actor Ben Scwhartz wants to make a crossover happen and director Jeff Fowler has even said that he’d be willing to do a Smash Bros movie, so we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds.

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