Sonic star wants Mario crossover and Super Smash Bros movie

Mario and SonicSega

Ben Schwartz is the voice of Sonic in both Sonic the Hedgehog movies, and he’s keen to see his character meet Mario in a future movie.

Sonic the Hedgehog is Sega’s cash cow, while the Super Mario Bros. helped build the house of Nintendo, making the characters of Sonic and Mario would-be rivals.

But they’ve crossed over in the video games, most notably via 2008 release Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games. Which means the precedent has been set.

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So we asked Sonic himself – or at least the man who voices him in movies one and two – whether the characters could meet in a future movie. And Ben isn’t ruling it out.

Ben Scwhartz wants Sonic and Mario movie

“Oh my god!” says Ben Schwartz of a Sonic and Mario movie in the above video. “By the way, I would love to play any video game person they’ll let me play. Let me play Mega Man for a minute, let me see what that looks like. I’ll do six voices in the same thing.

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“I’ve always thought a Smash Bros movie would be very fun just because it’s like you can get 1,000 characters from… you know, like I’m a huge Zelda fan, you can get Link in there and stuff like that – or Zelda – so it’s all very exciting that video game movies are getting more and more popular and people are seeing them. Maybe we can start crossing over, and Pikachu has a sequel and stuff like that, so I’m all about it. I’m such a video game nerd, all of this makes me so happy.”

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Then when our interviewer Kim Taylor-Foster pushed Ben on the Mario issue, he replied: “They went to the Olympics together, Kim, I don’t know if you know that? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Me and Chris [Pratt] will probably go to the Olympics in real life, I assume.”

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Ben Schwartz wants Nintendo Ice Climbers movie

Ben Schwartz then picked a particularly deep cut for the final video game movie he’d like to get made…

“I’m also excited for more video game movies to come out so I will support any video game movie that comes out,” said Schwartz. “When I was a kid, we had Mario but it was like John Leguizamo’s live-action one; we had so few movies, we had Tomb Raider, so the idea that maybe Sonic has helped get more video game movies out, it makes me so happy. I’m ready to make that Nintendo Ice Climbers video game whenever you want!”

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