New Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse trailer shows off insane action & characters

A still from the new Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse trailerSony Pictures

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the highly-anticipated sequel to Into the Spider-Verse, is on its way to wow audiences with a new incredible trailer.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, is considered by many to be the best Spider-Man movie of all time, and we’d find it hard to disagree. The film pulled in an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, and the “What’s up Danger” sequence has been burned into all of our minds ever since.

So to say that people are excited for the film’s sequel, Across the Spider-Verse, would be an understatement. And when it was announced yesterday on Twitter that a new trailer for the film would be coming out today, things got hyped.

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Now the trailer is here, and it features a ton of our old favourite characters, along with some new interesting faces…

Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse drops new insane trailer

Keeping to their word, Across the Spider-Verse dropped its newest trailer online, and it’s as awesome as you’d expect. Insane action, insane animation, just insane everything. Check it out below:

The trailer introduces us to the plot of the film, with the synopsis reading: “Miles Morales returns for the next chapter of the Oscar-winning Spider-Verse saga, an epic adventure that will transport Brooklyn’s full-time, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man across the Multiverse to join forces with Gwen Stacy and a new team of Spider-People to face off with a villain more powerful than anything they have ever encountered.”

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Ultimately, the trailer shows in spectacular fashion that Miles Morales (Shameik Moore), Gwen Stacy (Hailee Steinfeld), and Peter B. Parker (Jake Johnson) are at it again, flipping though the multiverse and taking down any bad guy that gets in their way.

One character who didn’t show up in the trailer was The Spot, a new foe for Miles Morales to defeat. Voiced by Jason Schwartzman, he is set to be “Miles Morale’ most formidable foe yet.”

This isn’t the first Spider-Verse 2 teaser

If you’re looking to see any more of the upcoming film, then look no further, as a first look teaser was released a few months back, which you can watch below:

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This clip features Miles being visited by Gwen through an interdimensional portal, before everything suddenly shifts to Miles falling through portal of the multiverse, where they meet the antagonistic Spider-Man 2099, who is played by Oscar Isaac.

Isaac briefly appeared in the previous film, but according to the promotional material he will have a much larger role here. When asked about his character for Screen Rant, he said, “What makes this character so funny is that he’s the one Spider-Man that doesn’t have a sense of humor. Because all of them act like… they’re wisecracks, right? Everybody wisecracks, except this guy just doesn’t. He’s a very serious Spider-Man.”

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You’ll be able to catch all these characters, as well as the awesome action and animation in full, when the film drops next year. And we certainly can’t wait.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will be released in cinemas on June 2, 2023. Find out more about the movie here.