Netflix slammed for “keeping an eye” on Noah Schnapp

Daisy Phillipson
Noah Schnapp as Will Byers in Stranger ThingsNetflix

According to a new report, Netflix is said to be “keeping an eye” on Noah Schnapp after his latest controversy, leading to a heavy backlash from the online community. 

Noah Schnapp is one of the breakout stars of the Netflix juggernaut that is Stranger Things, having appeared as Will Byers since the very beginning. Right now, he’s set to reprise his role for the anticipated fifth and final season. 

But the actor has come under scrutiny of late after he was spotted in a video laughing with friends in a coffee shop as they show off “Zionism is sexy” and “Hamas is Isis” stickers amid the Israel-Hamas conflict. 

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Fans have been calling on Netflix to remove Schnapp from Stranger Things, while others are threatening to boycott Season 5. But now a new twist in the ongoing controversy has arrived. 

Netflix slammed for “keeping an eye” on Noah Schnapp

According to a new report from The Streamr, sources said “Netflix is keeping an eye on” Noah Schnapp’s behavior. However, the outlet heard that “it is unlikely he will be fired from, recast in or killed off in the upcoming fifth and final season of Stranger Things.”

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Although the streaming giant is yet to confirm the news, the rumor has received an angry backlash, with many calling out the wider entertainment industry for firing other actors over their support for Palestinians. 

Tweet about Noah SchnappTwitter/X

In a tweet about Netflix keeping an eye on Schnapp but not removing him from the show, one pointed out, “But Melissa Barrera got fired for saying she wants the genocide to stop,” referring to the fact that she was removed from Scream 7 after sharing posts about the situation in Gaza. 

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Another said: “A white man keeps his job for being openly racist as well as mocking the genocide of Palestinians but Melissa Barrera is fired from Scream for being pro Palestine and was called ‘antisemitic’.” 

“‘An eye on him’ for calling a genocide sexy but Melissa Barrera lost her job for being in support of Palestine being free. White Privilege to the fullest,” added a third, while a fourth commented: “Netflix ‘keeping an eye’ on Noah Schnapp is disgusting they have to fire him.”

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Elsewhere, numerous people continued threatening to boycott Stranger Things Season 5. “Then we will not be watching,” said one, while another wrote: “We will NOT be watching Stranger Things if he’s in it.” 

A third added: “Too late. We are not watching anything he’s in anymore. He made his bed, now Netflix has to lay in it with him.”

You can read more about the situation below: 

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