Multiple Avatar 2 post-credit scenes hit cinemas with Avatar rerelease

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A still from Avatar 2 in the post-credit scene with the Avatar rerelease

If you’re eagerly awaiting Avatar 2, you’re in luck: there’s a chance to catch different glimpses at the sequel via different post-credit scenes with the Avatar rerelease.

Nearly 13 years after the original blockbuster became the king of the box office world, Avatar has returned to cinemas, remastered with 4K High Dynamic Range and 9.1 sound – and you can see it in IMAX if you missed it the first time.

It comes ahead of Avatar: The Way of Water, James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel and the first of four follow-ups stretching to the end of the decade.

So far, one teaser trailer has been released online. However, if you catch the Avatar rerelease more than once, you may see different clips from Avatar 2 in the post-credit scene.

Avatar rerelease has multiple Avatar 2 post-credit scenes, according to viewers

When the Avatar rerelease first hit cinemas last week, viewers reported Avatar 2 footage in a post-credit scene. However, it turns out, there are different clips from the sequel floating around depending on which version you see, and where you see it.

Two different post-credit scenes have been confirmed: one follows two groups of Na’vi kids and teens learning to dive, with a peek at Sigourney Weaver’s character; the other follows a young Na’vi character swimming with a huge whale, as glimpsed in the trailer.

Both clips are light on plot and heavy on the visual oomph of the sequel, especially if you’re watching it in 3D – it’ll make you want to swim into the screen.

The others haven’t been confirmed, but there are rumors of a post-credit scene with a fight between Quaritch’s Avatar (Stephen Lang) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana).

Ultimately, you may need to book a ticket to see which Avatar 2 clip you get.

Avatar is screening in cinemas now, and Avatar: The Way of Water hits cinemas on December 16, 2022.

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