Miles Morales reportedly set to make MCU arrival in Spider-Man 4

Eleni Thomas
Miles Morales Spider-Man 4

Spider-Man 4 is rumored to introduce Miles Morales into the world of live-action for the first time ever.

The future of the MCU and various Marvel characters is very much so up in the air at the moment. 

With Deadpool & Wolverine the only MCU film to release in 2024 and reworks plaguing the upcoming Avengers films to phase out Kang as the main villain, fans have been curious as to how the likes of Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and more will evolve in the MCU.

And while much is still unknown, a new rumor has begun circulating the internet claiming that Miles Morales will be introduced in the next live-action Tom Holland Spider-Man film.

This rumour comes from Daniel Richtman who has been known to reveal major details and spoilers in regards to various upcoming Marvel projects. 

While the exact details on Morales’ live-action debut are unknown, Richtman does claim that the character will be introduced in some capacity in Spider-Man 4.

While many know and love Peter Parker’s version of the web-slinging hero, Miles Morales has been pushed majorly in recent years as being a mainline Spider-Man. 

Originally, Miles Morales hails from the Ultimate Universe, Earth-1610. He gets spider powers after being bitten by a genetically altered spider that was stolen by his uncle, Aaron Davis, aka The Prowler.

Between starring as the leading character in the Spider-Verse films as well as becoming the dual-protagonist in the 2023 video game, Spider-Man 2, Morales is on his way to being a recognizable version of Spider-Man.

Of course, time will tell if these rumors are true. Given the whole plot, cast, and potential release window of Spider-Man 4 is completely shrouded in mystery, it is unclear when plot details for the new film will be revealed.

However, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest Spider-Man 4 news and if Morales will appear in the next film.

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