MaXXXine director reveals major connection between Pearl & Maxine

Daisy Phillipson
Mia Goth as Maxine in MaXXXine and Pearl in Pearl

In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, MaXXXine director Ti West has opened up about how Pearl and Maxine Minx are intrinsically linked – beyond the fact that both characters are played by Mia Goth. 

MaXXXine completes the X trilogy, which started with the 2022 movie X in which Goth plays dual roles: wannabe star Maxine and old ranch owner Pearl. 

The second flick, Pearl, focuses on the titular character as a young woman, while MaXXXine takes us to six years after the events of X, as Maxine tries to make a name for herself in Hollywood. 

In the first horror movie, Pearl is intrigued by Maxine, not least because she’s the spitting image of her younger self – but this isn’t the only way the two characters are connected.

Dexerto caught up with West ahead of the release of MaXXXine, where he explained, “I think that their desires are [the same].

“Maxine is someone who is born into a life that she wished was different than it was. And what she’s trying to achieve, the possibility of failure is much higher than the possibility of success. 

“Pearl, similar story. She was born into a life that she didn’t want to have, and to get out of it was a lot to ask. She ultimately didn’t achieve what she hoped to, and she’s carried that with her for a long time.”

West went on to say Maxine could very well end up on the same path as her doppelganger, unless she “motivates herself to break that pattern.”

All of this goes back to her famous mantra that has continued throughout the X trilogy: “I will not accept a life I do not deserve.”

As for casting Goth in the lead role, West told us about how involved she has been in the creative process. 

“Mia has brought something different to all of the different characters, and she sort of evolved as a person and as a performer, just as we all have,” he continued. 

“She has such autonomy with the character at this point. So, when it came time to make MaXXXine, having made the other movies, she knows this character as well or better than I do. 

“For me, I’m writing the storyline and I’m writing the plot and I’m writing the scenarios that she’s in, but we’re not really talking about what she’s feeling or things like that anymore. 

“I’m very much deferring to her at this point, because these movies wouldn’t exist without her.”

West went on to describe Goth as a “very unpredictable and fearless performer,” adding: “All of the really deep, creative choices that she’s making are mostly all hers at this point.”

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