Marry My Husband: Is the K-drama worth watching?

Gabriela Silva
Park Min-young in Marry My Husband K-drama.

A popular K-drama has taken fans by storm in Park Min-young’s latest fantasy revenge melodrama Marry My Husband – but is it worth the watch?

Based on a popular digital comic from WEBTOON, what if you woke up in the past with the possibility of changing your dreadful future? Park Min-young has often been known for her cult classic romance K-dramas. She takes hold of fans with a new work that caters to all tropes with an added edge.

Amazon Prime Video’s Marry My Husband was the first K-drama to be released in 2024 and focuses on office worker Kang Ji-won. She’s always kept her head down, even in her marriage to her jobless and selfish husband. While often berated by her in-laws, her life gets worse when learning she has cancer.

To top it off, she catches her husband in an affair with her supposed best friend. While Marry My Husband has only released a few episodes, it might be worth keeping tabs on it.

Is Marry My Husband worth it?

Yes! The K-drama is a riveting mix of well-loved tropes that don’t feel muddled, exaggerated, or cringeworthy. The added revenge drama is perfectly balanced with laugh-out-loud comedy.

The driving force of the K-drama is Ji-won’s sudden murder after catching her husband in his affair. Instead of moving on to the other side, fate has other ideas. She wakes up in 2013 – 10 years in the past. Ji-won realizes she’s been given a second chance at changing her life. In 2013 she was only just beginning to get ready to marry Park Min-hwan (Lee Yi-kyung). But how does she change her future when certain events need to happen?

Fans will watch as Ji-won goes through an epiphany moment when realizing her grand plan and a way for her to seek revenge. Realizing she’s 100% healthy and cancer-free in 2013, she sets out to have her friend, Jung Soo-min (Song Ha-yoon), steal her fate.

After all, Soo-min and Min-hwan end up having an affair in the future. So why not speed up the process and allow them to become the real deal and avoid murdering Ji-won. Marry My Husband creates a rivetingly fun storyline of Ji-won’s process to put the wheels in motion.

At the same time, she comes into her own and realizes how much she has missed out on life. She also helps others at work claim their power for their own. It’s a story worth smiling at as fans will find that Ji-won deserves a better life and has always been kind and caring despite mistreatment.

The best part of Marry My Husband? The romance. What’s a K-drama without a much-needed and tension-filled romance for Ji-won? Unaware to her, her boss Yoo Ji-hyuk (Na In-woo), has harbored a secret crush on her for years.

Die-hard fans know the tell-tale signs from his lingering gazes, effortless actions of unselfish care, and the inherent need to protect Ji-won. He goes above and beyond to keep her safe, but there’s an added twist. Ji-hyuk’s actions are also tied to Ji-won’s changing fate. Over the years he had warned about the imposter luxury earrings given to her by Soo-min and stopped her from getting a nasty scar.

All these events help Ji-won take control of the inevitable events. Not to mention fans love a good male love interest who can’t help himself but to show his feelings for the woman he has a crush on, all while trying to stay aloof. No worries, there’s more than enough drama as Ji-won’s changed persona begins to rub Soo-min the wrong way that could either destroy Ji-won or play right into her plan.

It’s a pleasure to see Ji-won realize the unfair treatment she has received, the telltale signs, and prove people wrong. There’s also the added comedy that would have anyone gasping and giggling. Fans can’t forget Ji-won screaming for her dear life when her “fiancé” opens his towel to show her the goods.

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