Love Quinn returns in You Season 4 Part 2 trailer

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Love Quinn was a major player in You Seasons 2 and 3, but she could be back for Season 4, according to the Part 2 trailer.

Hello, You. After taking the world by storm since its 2018 release, You, the Netflix show that is based on the book series by Caroline Kepnes, has been getting bigger and bigger with every season. This season saw Joe take on the ‘Eat the Rich’ killer, along with a new lover and a stalker of his own.

This is a big change up from last season, which had him living in the suburbs with his equally murderous wife Love Quinn, who apparently died at the end of said season.

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However, it seems like she, and actor Victoria Pedretti, could be back this season, if a new trailer has anything to say about it.

Love Quinn comes back, and Twitter goes wild

In the trailer for You Season 4 Part 2, we see Joe and his new London friends in varying states of anger, lust, and panic, as the now revealed Eat the Rich Killer continues to wreak havoc on their lives. Joe vows to stop them, despite also seemingly working as an accomplice.

That’s what we expected to see, but what came as a big surprise was the appearance of Love Quinn, Joe’s dead ex-wife. In the trailer, we see her sitting in a chair ominously, closing a book and saying, “Hi, Joe.”

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The clip was then shared across Twitter, and fans of course went wild, with one post stating excitingly stating, “PLEASE DONT BE A FLASHBACK PLEASE GOD LET MOTHER COME BACK TO US.”

Others responded to the tweet in favor of her return, with one user saying “I’M IN LOVE with her!!!!! Dear God please let her still be alive somehow!!!”

Some fans were more sceptical about her being alive, however, with one arguing: “Gotta be a flashback, they wouldn’t spoil the biggest plot twist of the entire tv show surely?”

Will Love Quinn be alive in Season 4?

So far, Love’s (living) return has not been confirmed.

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And not to be a buzzkill, but this scene is likely either a flashback or a hallucination by Joe – he tends to have those – as we see her in the glass cage, which has also not been seen so far this season. And of course, we watched Love die last season, which makes it unlikely that she’s back.

Then again, we assumed that Candace was dead all of Season 1, and she came back, so never say never. Plus, the book she’s reading is Rhys’ book, which could either mean that she’s a hallucination, or she really is back.

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Guess we’ll just have to wait and see when You Season 4 Part 2 drops on March 9, 2023.

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You Season 4 Part 1 is currently available to watch on Netflix.