Lindsay Lohan’s new movie tops Netflix charts despite mixed reviews

Jessica Cullen
Lindsay Lohan in Irish Wish, standing between two men

Lindsay Lohan is back with a new Netflix movie, Irish Wish, and despite some pretty mixed reviews from fans, it’s already doing very well on the charts.

For the ladies who spent their youth obsessing over Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap, or Mean Girls, it’s a great week to be alive. Lindsay Lohan has returned to our screens with a brand new Netflix original movie.

Irish Wish, which came out on March 15, was expected to give us everything we could want in a mind-numbing Netflix rom-com. A wish gone wrong? A love interest with a smile to die for? A beautiful, whimsical Irish setting? We were well and truly sold long before the movie even dropped.

Now, not long after its release, Irish Wish has already climbed up the charts to an impressive ranking, despite some initially…mixed reviews.

Irish Wish hits No.1 spot on the Netflix Top 10 chart

On the Netflix Top 10 charts, Irish Wish is sitting at the number one spot, just two days after its release.

It overtakes Damsel, the much-publicized Millie Bobby Brown fantasy adventure, which came out just last week. But Lindsay Lohan’s powers can’t be underestimated, and her latest rom-com antics have clearly captured the attention of fans across the US, bringing the movie to the number one spot without stress. (Just in time for St. Patrick’s day, too!)

However, on the critical front, things aren’t looking too great. Initial reviews skewed towards the negative, and Irish Wish is currently sitting at a 38% Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Over on Twitter, the mixed reactions are very clear. Some seemed to embrace the silliness of the new flick, knowing exactly what they signed-up for.

“To be honest, you can’t rank on this movie …it’s exactly what it needed to be, harmless, light fun. I’ll take 10 more Lindsay Lohan romantic comedies please,” one X user wrote.

“Irish Wish on Netflix is sooooo refreshing. So so good! I love Lindsay Lohan so much,” said another.

One user said: “Such a sweet, romantic and magical premise that really lived up to its trailer. A lovely film that anyone who loves cheesy, feel-good rom-coms will love!”

However, others weren’t so forgiving. Some reviews argued that the script was clunky and unnatural, and the charismatic performances couldn’t save what is otherwise a typically mid-level Netflix movie.

“I have no idea why this movie feels so stiff most of the time. The script is pretty clunky but it feels like every scene is the first time everyone is reading it,” said one comment.

Another wrote: “Bummed to report #IrishWish is pretty awful. None of the characters behave like Actual Humans. It’s chaste to an extreme degree. Lohan’s charisma is undoubtedly still there, but she struggles to bring any life to it.”

Irish Wish is now available to watch on Netflix. For more, check out all the new movies to stream this month.

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