Invincible planned to be as long as Game of Thrones

Michael Gwilliam
Mark Grayson in InvinciblePrime Video

Amazon’s hit superhero series Invincible could possibly be as long as Game of Thrones, according to series creator Robert Kirkman.

Invincible has been a massive hit with audiences since debuting on Prime Video in 2021, leaving viewers glued to their screens and anxiously awaiting the second season for well over a year now.

Although the third season is expected to arrive much sooner than the second, with the creator saying the gap between seasons one and two will be the “longest,” it seems like the team is already thinking far into the future.

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In an interview with Polygon, Robert Kirkman revealed that the series could be lasting a very long time if everything goes according to plan.

Invincible targets 7-8 seasons on Prime Video

According to Kirkman, nailing down the number of seasons needed to tell the whole comic series in TV form is tricky, but he has a rough idea of how long it will take – and it would make the series as long as HBO’s Game of Thrones.

“I’m trying not to pin it down to a number, because it is somewhat of a moving target. I think in the seven-to-eight-season range seems like it would be enough,” he explained.

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Omni-Man and Invincible in a poster for Invincible Season 2Amazon Studios
Invincible Season 2 is almost here!

However, he further admitted that there are some areas of the comic where the pacing could be sped up, and others where they could flesh out the story a bit more.

“But there could be some things we move through a little faster, some things we expand. If we’re fortunate enough to go for a good long time, I think that would be enough to cover the entire comic. And there are some things along the way that didn’t get into the comic that I’d like to do.”

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Furthermore, Kirkman hinted that he would like some original episodes sprinkled in, and that’s part of the plan with future seasons.

Invincible Season 2 premiered on November 3, 2023, on Prime Video. Be sure to keep it locked to Dexerto for more TV and movie coverage.

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