Invincible: Seth Rogen says show has influenced movie “a lot”

Omni-Man and InvinciblePrime Video

Invincible, Prime Video’s sensational animated comic book show, has been such a success that it’s influenced plans for the live-action movie, according to producer Seth Rogen.

While the traditional comic book churches are floundering on the big screen, from Ant-Man 3 failing to live up to expectations to Shazam 2 being flattened by John Wick: Chapter 4 in its first week, alternative takes are landing huge audiences.

The Boys is one of the most popular superheroes IP on our screens right now, and it’s a direct response to the softer-edged MCU. And then there’s Invincible, an adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s acclaimed series.

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While not quite a household name yet, its first season was a triumph and paved the way for not just Season 2, but a third season as well. A movie is also in development, but it may take a slightly different shape amid the show’s popularity.

Seth Rogen explains how Invincible movie has changed

In an interview with Comic Book ahead of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Rogen was asked if the Invincible series has influenced the live-action movie in any way.

“It actually has a lot. Invincible was something not a lot of people, in general, had heard of before the animated series,” he explained.

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Omni-Man beat Invincible to a pulp in the season finale.Amazon Studios

“There was a live-action ‘take’ that was different from the animated ‘take,’ as it were. And then the animated show came out that was very faithful to the comic and was incredibly popular.

“At that point, it seemed like maybe doing a live-action take that was good but very different would be weird, and maybe not acknowledging the things that people liked about the animated version. Then in our heads, the live-action ‘take’ seemed more like it should feel like a live-action adaptation of the cartoon, which is a direct adaptation of the comic.”

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Earlier this year, Kirkman confirmed he was still developing the film, but “sometimes movies take a little bit longer.”

“I think it’s safe to say, if anything, the show has just helped that immensely. People are very excited about that movie potential at Universal. So we’re riding that excitement and trying to push things forward as quickly as possible,” he added.

You can find out more about Invincible Season 2 here.

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