How old is Julia Antonelli’s Wheezie in Outer Banks?

OBX WheezieInstagram: Julia Antonelli

How old is Julia Antonelli’s Outer Banks character, Wheezie Cameron? How does she compare to her sister and main character, Sarah Cameron?

As the third season of Outer Banks quickly approaches, fans are beginning to reacquaint themselves with the Pogues and all those who are chasing them.

While Wheezie doesn’t fall into either of those two camps, as she doesn’t approve of her father’s pursuit of Sarah, but is also not on the run with the Pogues. However, she is still a character that a lot of fans have identified with because of her quirks and humor.

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But many are confused as to how much younger Wheezie is to her sister. How old is Wheezie in Outer Banks?

How old is Wheezie in Outer Banks?

Louisa “Wheezie” Cameron is 13 years old on the tv show Outer Banks. In real life, actress Julia Antonelli is 19 years old.

Wheezie is introduced as Sarah Cameron’s annoying younger sister, but the two are extremely close. The younger sister even covered for Sarah throughout the first season when she snuck out to be with John B and the Pogues.

Because the events of the first two seasons take place within the span of a few weeks of each other, Wheezie has stayed the same age throughout the show’s run.

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When talking about any challenges of playing Wheezie, Antonelli didn’t seem to be bothered by playing a character much younger than herself. Instead she said “I’m not a mean or bratty person so I have to kind of pull that out of my acting experience.”

Outer Banks Season 3 will be available to stream on February 23. You can see when the show will premiere here.