Outer Banks Season 3 cast: All actors & characters

The cast of Outer Banks Season 3Netflix

Here’s your guide to the cast and characters of Outer Banks Season 3, the third season of the hit treasure-hunting Netflix drama.

Outer Banks, a show all about the unlucky Pogues and their quest to recover a mysterious treasure, has captivated viewers for its twists and turns, exotic locations, and charming cast. Set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the show takes on the class divide between the wealthy Kooks and the less-fortunate Pogues.

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The synopsis for Season 3 states “Far from home, John B, Sarah, Kiara, Pope, JJ, and Cleo, the newest Pogue member, are on another run for their lives. With Ward and Rafe out for revenge and a ruthless Caribbean Don hunting for the bounty, it’s the Pogues against the world.”

Here is everything you need to know about the cast and characters of Outer Banks Season 3, and who is playing them.


Outer Banks Season 3 full cast & characters

Most of the cast of Outer Banks is returning from the first two seasons, including the entire main cast. The group of Pogues will be joined by a new member, Cleo, who John B and Sarah met while on the run in the Bahamas in Season 2.

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The crew will be facing old foes and new ones, as Sarah’s father and brother are still in pursuit of the Pogues. But they will also run afoul of new enemies, including a Caribbean mob boss in search of the treasure. Read on to find out who is who…

John B: Chase Stokes

Chase Stokes as John B

The leader of the Pogues, John B. Routledge kicked off the whole adventure after his father disappeared at sea. Headstrong and fearless, John B is always getting the group into a new adventure…and often a lot of hot water.

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Other than Outer Banks, Stokes has appeared in a number of other television series including a small role on Stranger Things.

Sarah Cameron: Madelyn Cline

Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron

Sarah starts out the series as the “Kook Princess,” the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in the Outer Banks. However, she eventually gets involved with John B and his adventures, becoming an honorary Pogue in the process.

Cline had appeared in several TV series such as Stranger Things before landing a role on the Outer Banks. Since then, she has appeared in Rian Johnson’s mystery thriller Glass Onion, which was released to massive acclaim.

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JJ Maybank: Rudy Pankow

Rudy Pankow as JJ Maybank

JJ is the wild card of the Pogues, with a quick trigger and hot temper that can often get his friends into trouble. That said, he’s also incredibly loyal and easy-going, always getting a laugh from his friends right when they need it most.

Pankow’s other notable roles include playing a young Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie, along with some other smaller roles.

Kiara Carrera: Madison Bailey

Madison Bailey as Kiara Carrera

Like Sarah, Kaira is also from a wealthy family in the Outer Banks, but she has been adopted as a Pogue for a long time before the series began. She is often the force of reason among the Pogues and is quick-witted.

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In addition to Outer Banks, Bailey has appeared in a few other small TV roles, most notably a six-episode arc on Black Lightning.

Pope Heyward: Jonathan Daviss

Jonathan Daviss as Pope Heyward

Pope is the brains of the Pogue operation, a high-achiever with a bright future that is often getting derailed by the rest of the group. Though a bit more cautious than the rest, he is loyal to the Pogues more than anything, even willing to sacrifice his future for them.

Daviss has also gotten a larger movie part since starring on Outer Banks. He appeared in the Netflix revenge comedy ‘Do Revenge’ in a significant role.

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Cleo: Carlacia Grant

Carlacia Grant as Cleo

During Season 2, John B and Sarah met Cleo while on the run in the Bahamas. Street-smart and tough, Cleo joins up with the Pogues at the end of the second season.

The most notable credit for Grant other than the Outer Banks is an eight-episode stint on the TV show Greenleaf.

Ward Cameron: Charles Esten

Charles Esten as Ward Cameron

Sarah Cameron’s father, Ward is often the antagonist to the Pogues in the first two seasons. Though he is a respected member of the community, Ward has also faked his own death and exploited his relationship with his children to enrich himself.

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Other than Outer Banks, Esten had been a main cast member on the drama series Nashville for six years and played the duplicitous Josh Porter on The Office.

Rafe Cameron: Drew Starkey

Drew Starkey as Rafe Cameron

Ward’s son and Sarah’s older brother, Rafe is an unstable individual who is frequently aggressive and violent. He is heavily involved with criminals on the Outer Banks but is protected by his family’s wealth.

Starkey has also appeared on the television series The Terminal List and Scream.

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Topper Thornton: Austin North

Austin North as Topper Thornton

The “King of the Kooks”, Topper is Sarah’s ex-boyfriend. He continues to try and protect her, often clashing with John B and the rest of the Pogues.

North’s other most notable role includes playing Logan Watson on I Didn’t Do It for two seasons.

Minor characters

Outside of the main cast, other recurring characters members we will see in Outer Banks Season 3 include:

  • Rose Cameron (Caroline Arapoglou): Ward’s wife and Sarah’s stepmother. She may seem sweet on the outside, but she is as ruthless as her husband and willing to back him.
  • Big John Routledge (Charles Halford): John B’s father, who was presumed dead (and later believed to have been murdered by Ward due to his pursuit of the treasure) but in a shocking twist was revealed to be alive at the end of Season 2.
  • Wheezie Cameron (Julia Antonelli): Sarah’s younger sister who is often inadvertently getting her and the Pogues into trouble.
  • Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen): A new character introduced in the third season, he is described as “a Caribbean Don who is intelligent, refined, and ruthless, and is out on a treasure hunt of his own.”
  • Sofia (Fiona Palomo): Another new character who is a Pogue itching to become a Kook, who will grow closer to Rafe this season.
  • Ryan (Lou Ferrigno Jr.): One of Singh’s top henchmen
  • Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell): A mysterious Charleston resident who is involved with Big John’s pursuit of the treasure.
  • Bobby Heyward (E. Roger Mitchell): Pope’s father
  • Barry Benson (Nicholas Cirillo): A drug dealer who often gets involved with Rafe
  • Anna Carrera (Samantha Soule): Kiara’s mother

That’s everything we know about the Outer Banks Season 3 cast. You can find out more about the new season here.

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