House of the Dragon showrunner finally explains missing Daeron

Aegon, Aemond, and Helaena are Daeron's siblingsHBO

Daeron Targaryen’s mysterious absence from House of the Dragon has finally been explained by its showrunner following the Season 1 finale.

With Season 1 of the Game of Thrones prequel coming to an end, fans are already looking ahead at who we can expect to see, whether it’s Cregan Stark or Cannibal and the other wild dragons.

However, one character has raised several viewers’ eyebrows: Daeron Targaryen, the missing child of Alicent and Viserys.

He was nowhere to be seen in the Season 1 finale, nor has he been mentioned or hinted at whatsoever – so, where on Westeros is he? We finally have an answer.

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Daeron mystery finally addressed by House of the Dragon showrunner

In an interview with Variety following Episode 10, Ryan Condal addressed Daeron’s absence in Season 1. “He does exist. No worries, everybody,” he said.

“He’s the youngest son. He’s warded off at Oldtown to Hobert Hightower and soon to Ormond Hightower, who is Hobert’s nephew, who becomes Lord of Oldtown.

“Honestly, this stuff happened all the time in this world. It’s not our modern day where if you had a six-year-old, you would FaceTime them every day and see how they’re doing and write letters. He’s there. That’s the fact. When he is relevant to be mentioned – and he will be – he will be mentioned.”

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Daeron Targaryen, also known as Daeron the Daring in George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood, is the third and youngest son of Viserys and Alicent. He’s the younger brother of Aegon, Aemond, and Helaena.

In a recent post on his website, the author also confirmed: “YES, Alicent gave Viserys four children, three sons and a daughter, their youngest son Daeron is down in Oldtown, we just did not have the time to work him in this season.”

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House of the Dragon Season 1 is available to stream now. For more on Season 2, click here.

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