Harry Potter star reveals “excruciatingly embarrassing” encounter with Daniel Radcliffe

Gabriela Silva
Jessie Cave in Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince as Lavender.

The Harry Potter franchise changed the lives of many actors who starred in the movie, with one star looking back fondly at her role – however, she can’t help but cringe at an “excruciatingly embarrassing” moment with Daniel Radcliffe.

Harry Potter often didn’t deviate from its main characters having their romance stories. Harry was in love with Ron’s sister Ginny – he broke the bro code. Then there’s Ron battling his feelings for his dear best friend Hermione.

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, fans see the ugly green monster appear when Ron starts dating a fellow Gryffindor student named Lavender Brown. It makes Hermione’s untold feelings for him very obvious.

Jessie Cave starred as the somewhat exuberant Lavender, with the actor recounting her time in the franchise and how horrified she was during an encounter with Radcliffe.

Harry Potter star shares “embarrassing” Radcliffe moment

Speaking to Closer Online, Crave can’t forget the one instance where she was mortified casually seeing Radcliffe on the streets shortly after Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince released. Which would have been fine if it weren’t for his bodyguards.

“It wasn’t that long after the Half-Blood Prince came out. Daniel was walking along the same street as me and, as you do when you see someone you’re friends with, you shout their name – but it was different because he had two huge bodyguards with him,” she said.

“At the time I dressed quite eccentrically and I think the bodyguards thought I was trying to stampede Daniel – it was excruciating.

“We had a sweet chat and said bye… and then it turned out that we were walking the same way so I ended up following him.”

At the time, Cave fit her on-screen character role well when it came to her personal style. With the added detail that Radcliffe had become a global sensation, it’s not far-fetched that she was embarrassed when his bodyguards were a bit wary of her.

Embarrassing moments aside, the actor has nothing but praise for her costars but admits her children don’t think she’s as cool and were a bit blasphemed when seeing her kiss Ron. Cave went on to play the character until the final film.

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