Full Andor cast list: All actors & characters

The poster for AndorDisney+

Here’s your guide to the full cast and characters in Andor, the new Star Wars prequel series on Disney+.

Cassian Andor, the titular hero and fateful spy, first appeared in the galaxy far, far away in 2016’s Rogue One. He was a hero of the Rebel Alliance who helped Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso steal the Empire’s plans to the Death Star.

In Andor, a prequel series to the spinoff, we get to see his origin story, from his childhood under the trees of Kenari to his days scavenging, thieving and trying to find his sister, before a fateful run-in with a spymaster hellbent on destroying the Empire.

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Unlike past Star Wars shows, there’s quite a few unfamiliar faces this time round – so here’s your guide to everyone in the Andor cast, and which characters they play.


Andor cast: All actors and characters

While we’ve met Cassian Andor before, the show is mostly made up of never-before-seen characters in the Star Wars universe – although, we’re still holding out hope for an appearance from Darth Vader.

If you’ve watched the first four episodes of Andor – you can read our spoiler-free review here – and feel a bit lost remembering who everyone is, here’s the full main cast of characters.

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Cassian Andor: Diego Luna

Diego Luna as AndorDisney+

Diego Luna has returned as Cassian Andor, the Rebel spy last seen in Rogue One. The show will follow his “journey to discover the difference he can make” under the rule of the Empire, and his first steps into the Rebel Alliance.

As well as Rogue One, Luna is known for his performances in Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico and The Terminal.

Luthen Rael: Stellan Skarsgård 

Stellan Skarsgard as Luthen Rael in AndorDisney+

Stellan Skarsgård plays Luthen Rael, a man first introduced as a secret buyer, who’s soon revealed to be the leader of a growing resistance against the Empire.

While you may know his actor sons, Alexander Skarsgård and Bill Skarsgård, he’s also known for roles in Mamma Mia, Nymphomaniac, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the MCU as Dr. Selvig.

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Mon Mothma: Genevieve O’Reilly

Genevieve O'Reilly as Mon MothmaDisney+

O’Reilly first played Senator Mon Mothma – a character initially introduced in Return of the Jedi – in Revenge of the Sith. She returned in Rogue One as one of the Rebel leaders, and she’s reprised her role once more for Andor.

O’Reilly also voiced Moira in Overwatch and starred in The Legend of Tarzan and The Snowman.

Dedra Meero: Denise Gough

Dedra Meero in AndorDisney+

Denise Gough plays Dedra Meero, a supervisor in the Empire’s Imperial Security Bureau linked to Cassian’s stolen star path in the opening episodes, who plans to hunt down those responsible.

She’s also starred in Stella, Guerrilla, Under the Banner of Heaven, and The Kid Who Would Be King.

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Maarva Andor: Fiona Shaw

Fiona Shaw as Maarva in AndorDisney+

Fiona Shaw plays Maarva Shaw, Andor’s adoptive mother who found him as a young, alone boy aboard the wreckage of a spacecraft on Kenari.

Shaw is best known for starring as Petunia Dursley in the Harry Potter series, as well as True Blood and Killing Eve.

Syril Karn: Kyle Soller

Kyle Soller as Syril Karn.Disney+

Kyle Soller plays Syril Karn, a deputy inspector for the corporate security outfit stationed on Morlana One, who orchestrates a manhunt for Cassian after he murders two Corpos.

You may have seen Soller in Fury, Bad Education, Brexit: The Uncivil War, and Marrowbone.

Sergeant Linus Mosk: Alex Ferns

Alex Ferns in AndorDisney+

Alex Ferns plays Linus Mosk, a fellow Pre-Mor officer who makes an effort to support Syril when he’s doubting his decisions, and quickly becomes his right-hand man.

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You may recognize Ferns from Eastenders, in which he played Trevor Morgan, or his roles in Chernobyl and The Batman.

Bix Caleen: Adria Arjona

Bix Caleen in AndorDisney+

Adria Arjona plays Bix Caleen, a mechanic in Ferrix who has black market contacts, and is an ally to Cassian.

Arjona starred in Morbius earlier this year, and has also appeared in Good Omens and 6 Underground.

Timm Karlo: James McArdle

Timm Karlo in AndorDisney+

James McArdle plays Timm Karlo, another mechanic who works with Bix in Ferrix. He’s also her boyfriend, and finds himself frequently irritated by Cassian.

McArdle has previously starred in Mare of Easttown, ’71, and most interestingly, Star Wars: The Force Awakens as Niv Lek, a Rebel pilot.

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Vel Sartha: Faye Marsay

Faye Marsay as VelDisney+

Faye Marsay plays Vel Sartha, Luthen’s Rebel leader on the planet of Aldhani, who’s initially hesitant to let Cassian help them in their efforts to topple the Empire.

Marsay played Waif in the fifth and sixth seasons of Game of Thrones, as well as starring in Pride, Darkest Hour, and Black Mirror.

Major Partagaz: Anton Lesser

Anton Lesser as Major PartagazDisney+

Anton Lesser plays Major Partagaz, the no-nonsense head Imperial officer at the Imperial Security Bureau, who almost never has anything nice to say about his staff’s work.

Just like Marsay, Lesser also starred in Game of Thrones as Qyburn, and has a long line of performances in TV and film since 1981.

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Karis Nemik: Alex Lawther

Alex Lawther in AndorDisney+

Alex Lawther plays Karis Nemik, one of the younger Rebels in Luthen and Vel’s team on Aldhani.

Lawther is best known for his roles in Black Mirror, The End of the F***ing World, and Ghost Stories.

Arvel Skeen: Ebon Moss-Bachrach

Arvel Skeen in AndorDisney+

Ebon Moss-Bachrach plays Arvel Skeen, one of the older Rebels in Luthen and Vel’s team on Aldhani.

He is best known for playing the role of David Lieberman in The Punisher and Desi Harperin in Girls.

Cinta Kaz: Varada Sethu

Cinta Kaz in AndorDisney+

Varada Sethu plays Cinta Kaz, another Rebel in Vel and Luthen’s team. She has medical knowledge, and fans believe she’s in a relationship with Vel in the show.

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Sethu has starred in Jurassic World Dominion, I Came By, and Strike Back: Vendetta.

Taramyn Barcona: Gershwyn Eustache Jnr

Taramyn Barcona in AndorDisney+

Gershwyn Eustache Jnr plays Taramyn Barcona, one of the senior Rebels in the Aldhani squad who’s second in command to Vel during the first Imperial mission.

He earlier starred in Small Axe, I May Destroy You, and Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen.

Lieutenant Gorn: Sule Rimi

Lieutenant Gorn in AndorDisney+

Sule Rimi plays Lieutenant Gorn, a double agent who works for the Empire by day, but assists the Rebels by night, providing knowledge of Imperial schedules and practices.

Rimi starred in The Nan Movie earlier this year, as well as Manhunt and Black Earth Rising.

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B2EMO: Dave Chapman

B2EMO in AndorDisney+

Dave Chapman provides the voice for B2EMO, a groundmech salvage assist unit who tries its best to help Cassian escape Ferrix without anyone knowing he’s left, and has to charge up enough energy to lie.

Chapman should be considered Star Wars royalty, as he also provided the voice for BB-8, the beloved droid of the new trilogy.

Saw Gerrera: Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker as Saw GerreraDisney+

While he’s yet to make an appearance in the show, Forest Whitaker will reprise his role of Saw Gerrera in Andor. Gerrera is a veteran of the Clone Wars who first appeared in Rogue One.

Whitaker is an Oscar-winning actor best known for The Last King of Scotland, Panic Room, Platoon, and Arrival.

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Lieutenant Supervisor Blevin: Doc Brown

A still from Andor Episode 4Disney+

Doc Brown, real name Ben Bailey Bond, has made his Star Wars debut in Andor as Lieutenant Supervisor Blevin, a high-ranking officer with the Imperial Security Bureau who butts heads with Dedra.

Doc Brown is an actor, comedian, and rapper, and you may have seen him in The Inbetweeners, Derek, and Persuasion.

Colonel Wulff Yularen: Malcolm Sinclair

Wulff Yularen in Star WarsLucasfilm

In Andor, Wulff Yularen serves as a high-ranking colonel in the Imperial Security Bureau, played by Malcolm Sinclair. This marks the first time he’s been seen in live-action in 45 years.

He first appeared in 1977’s Star Wars: A New Hope, played by Robert Clarke, before appearing in Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars, voiced by Tom Kane in both animated shows.

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Ruescott Melshi: Duncan Pow

Melshi in Andor Episode 8Disney+

Ruescott Melshi is played by Duncan Pow in Andor, and his character was reintroduced to Star Wars fans in Episode 8.

Melshi was one of the sergeants in the Rebel Alliance who helped steal the plans to the Death Star. In Rogue One, he was a close friend of Cassian, and he led the extraction team that rescued Jyn Erso from the labor camp on Wobani.

Kino Loy: Andy Serkis

Kino Loy in Andor Episode 9Disney+

Andy Serkis plays Kino Loy, the manager of one of Narkina 5’s many workstations, ordering fellow inmates around and competing with other levels in the prison.

It marks Serkis’ second major Star Wars role, having earlier portrayed Snoke in the sequel trilogy.

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Davo Sculdun: Richard Dillane

Richard Dillane as Davo Sculdun in AndorDisney+

Davo Sculdun, played by Richard Dillane, is claimed to be the “wealthiest thug of them all.”

Here’s what we know: he’s a banker from Chandrila, though he doesn’t do everything by the book. Fun fact: in Belgium, Davo is the name of country’s alimony claims service, while “schulden” translates to “debts” in Dutch.

It’s unclear who he works for – if anyone – but he’s clearly in the business of helping rich people avoid taxes. “He’ll think you’re just like everyone else he works with,” Tay assured Mon in the previous episode, for example.

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Lonni Jung: Robert Emms

Lonni Jung in Andor Episode 10Disney+

Robert Emms plays Lonni Jung, an Imperial officer who’s actually operating as a double agent for the Rebel Alliance, supplying covert information to Luthen about any big breaks in cases and keeping his ear to the ground where nobody can see him.

Lonni is introduced properly in Episode 10, where he tries to get out of his arrangement with Luthen – but he’s forced to keep working with the Rebels.

Anto Kreegyr

Anto Kreegyr in Andor Episode 11Disney+

Anto Kreegyr is a Rebel separatist. In Episode 11, we see a hologram of him, shown to be a large, burly, bearded man, but it’s unclear who’ll play him if we ever actually meet him. You can find out more about him here.

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Andor Episodes 1-9 are available to stream on Disney+ now. You can sign up to Disney+ here.