Andor: What happened to Anto Kreegyr?

Anto Kreegyr in Andor Episode 11Disney+

Andor Episode 11 continues to beg the question: who the hell is Anto Kreegyr, where is he, and what’s happening to him?

In Episode 11, we see Cassian begin his long voyage home after his spell on Narkina 5, while Mon Mothma deals with the consequences of being a Rebel, and Luthen continues to be a badass. You can read our review here.

We also catch a glimpse of Anto Kreegyr, the near-mythical separatist who’s been referenced in several episodes, but we’ve yet to see him in the flesh.

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So, who is Anto Kreegyr, and why have we never met him in the show? Well, Episode 11 sets up a tragic fate for the unseen character – but it could also pave the way for Rogue One, so let’s dig in.

Andor: Who is Anto Kreegyr?

Anto Kreegyr is a Rebel separatist. In Episode 11, we see a hologram of him, shown to be a large, burly, bearded man, but it’s unclear who’ll play him if we ever actually meet him.

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He was first mentioned in Episode 8, with Dedra Meero and her Imperial forces intercepting a pilot running stolen goods to him ahead of his planned attack on the power station at Spellhaus.

Initially, Luthen asks Saw Gerrera to consider working with him for the good of the Rebel Alliance, but he refuses on account of Kreegyr being a separatist, whom he fought during the Clone Wars and lost his family as a result.

Essentially, he’s at the head of one of the many Rebel factions Luthen is trying to unite across the galaxy far, far away, like the Ghorman Front, Partisan Alliance, and sectorists.

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Andor: What happened to Anto Kreegyr?

From his first mention, we know Anto Kreegyr is planning an attack on the Imperial Spellhaus power station with his Rebel cell, not dissimilar to the Aldhani heist earlier in the season.

In Episode 9, we learn Meero managed to capture one of his pilots who was en route to Kafrene – this is a major planet for the Star Wars timeline, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

In Episode 11, Luthen pays another visit to Saw, who’s had a change of heart about working with Kreegyr – unfortunately, so has Luthen, who warns Saw not to go ahead with the mission, but let Kreegyr go ahead with it anyway.

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Why? Because the ISB knows it’s going ahead, and Luthen believes it’s better to burn Kreegyr and his crew of 30 men so they’ll have a “clear field to play”, rather than pulling him out and arousing any suspicion.

“Kreegyr doesn’t know me. I’m not vulnerable if he’s captured… do we let Kreegyr go down and play the long game or do we warn him and throw away a source that’s taken years to cultivate?” Luthen tells Saw.

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So, it looks like Kreegyr is destined to be apprehended by the ISB, if not killed by Imperial forces during the mission.

Andor: Anto Kreegyr may be important to Rogue One

The earlier mention of Kafrene is significant to Cassian’s story, as it’s where he’s first sent in Rogue One to meet Tivik, a contact with information about the Empire’s plans to build the Death Star.

Tivik also had connections to Saw Gerrera, setting up his introduction in the movie, which suggests there may be some sort of alliance between Saw and Kreegyr in Season 2 – if he makes it out of Spellhaus alive, that is.

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Andor Episode 12 will be available to stream on November 22. You can sign up for Disney+ here, and check out the rest of our coverage here.

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