Doctor Who Season 14 is missing one crucial thing with the Doctor and Ruby

Jessica Cullen
Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday and Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor in Doctor Who

As Doctor Who Season 14 continues, fans have realized that the new episodes are missing something very important for the Doctor and Ruby.

With just three more adventures left to go, some criticism has started to emerge, with hardcore fans realizing what the new Doctor Who episodes have been missing. Namely, they think there’s something of a disconnect between Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor and his companion, Millie Gibson’s Ruby Sunday.

It’s an understandable opinion — out of the five episodes we’ve had, one of them lacked Ruby, another lacked the Doctor, and the most recent episode (‘Dot and Bubble’) didn’t even have the pair of them show up in person until the last five minutes.

As such, it’s been difficult for fans to understand the dynamic between the two, since they’ve hardly been seen interacting with each other beyond the first two episodes. This problem could have been fixed with a beloved Doctor Who go-to, but it’s something that the show hasn’t bothered to include: TARDIS time.

Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday and Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor in Doctor Who

One fan shared this thought on X, pointing out that, compared to other seasons, there’s been hardly any time spent with the Doctor and Ruby in the TARDIS. The police box has hosted plenty of fun conversations, high jinks, and bonding time between the Doctor and his companions, but this has yet to form any part of Season 14.

“I hate that the Doctor and Ruby just show up,” they wrote. “Like hey, where’s the conversations in the TARDIS at the start or after an adventure all the other Doctors and companions had? I didn’t realize how important it was.”

Others quickly agreed, making it clear that for the majority of fans, this time spent between the pair inside the TARDIS is a key part of their dynamic.

“YEAH no reactions after the adventures like about how it was so scary and they need to wind down or cracking jokes and stuff,” added another user. “Rip TARDIS time you’ll always be missed.”

“OMG yeees you’re totally right. The intimacy of the TARDIS and that special little chats between the Doctor and the companion. I miss him tinkering with the TARDIS, little repairs Doctor always does. I miss Doctor’s little banter with TARDIS,” another wrote.

One user pointed out: “They must’ve spent so much money on that TARDIS interior as well, why not use it?” while another added: “Felt this. The post-adventure TARDIS debriefs are soo necessary.”

There’s still a chance yet for the Doctor and Ruby to spend more time in the iconic police box. And with some of the biggest Season 14 theories suggesting that something’s wrong with the machine (we’ve all heard those strange groaning noises, right?), the TARDIS might play a major role in the upcoming finale.

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