Doctor Who fans must watch this classic episode after ‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’

Jessica Cullen
Millie Gibson and Yasmin Finney as Ruby and Rose in The Legend of Ruby Sunday

‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’ brings back a vintage Doctor Who antagonist, and fans have a recommendation for an old episode to accompany the finale. Warning: spoilers ahead!

‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’ forms the first half of the final lap for Doctor Who Season 14, and it’s a jam-packed two-parter. The new Doctor Who episode quickly addresses the biggest Season 14 theories that have unfolded from day one, and introduces the new (old) villain on the scene: Sutekh.

That’s right — everything the Doctor and Ruby have gone through has led up to a confrontation with the god-like being intent on destroying worlds. While we still have to wait for the finale to find out what disasters will come from his return, fans have noted that this is the perfect excuse to watch the classic Doctor Who serial, ‘Pyramids of Mars’.

‘Pyramids of Mars’ is where the Doctor Who villain originated, all taking place during the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)’s tenure. It’s an episode inspired by horror movies like The Mummy, and includes an Egyptian setting, mummies, and Sutekh himself. Evidently, fans might get a much fuller experience for the final episode of Season 14 if they check out Sutekh’s debut.

“Sh*t, now I gotta rewatch Pyramids of Mars,” one Reddit user pointed out after watching ‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’.

Others quickly agreed, with one writing: “Immediately put it on now on iPlayer.” Another added: “Or the DVD we die-hard fans all have. Hell, I technically have it twice, since it’s on The Sarah Jane Adventures.”

With some fans going hard on the Sutekh theories before the new episode even dropped, they were already ahead of the game. “I literally rewatched it right before this episode dropped,” said one.

“Lol I wasn’t waiting,” another added. “I just finished Pyramids of Mars then went back and watched the ending of this episode again. A bit more of that dialogue from the Harbinger makes sense.”

For those looking for a marathon, other past episodes worth watching include ‘The Impossible Planet’ and ‘The Satan Pit’, the two-parter from the Tenth Doctor’s era. Gabriel Woolf, who voiced The Beast in both episodes also played Sutekh in ‘Pyramids of Mars’ and returns in ‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’ to reprise the role.

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