Doctor Who fans – including John Boyega – react to David Tennant’s return


Last night’s Doctor Who ended with a regeneration twist, and fans are loving the fact that David Tennant has returned, especially another sci-fi star in the shape of John Boyega.

David Tennant has returned to Doctor Who to play The Doctor in three episodes next year. Fans tuned into episode ‘The Power of The Doctor’ expecting to see Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor regenerate into Ncuti Gatwa.

But instead of the Sex Education actor appearing onscreen, we got Tennant, much to the delight of social media. Which isn’t a surprise as the Scottish actor is one of the most popular Doctors in the show’s history.

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So the following are some our favourite responses to David Tennant’s return.

What are fans saying about David Tennant’s return?

The emotionally-charged regeneration scene had Jack Hook feeling all the feels.

The same scene had Rehza both bawling and losing his mind.

Beth like the elemental approach to regeneration, which happens outside rather than inside the TARDIS on this occasion. Beth writes: “No explosions, no crashes, no chaos. Just thirteen looking out of those eyes for the very last time at the sunset before her, making her peace with the end.”

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Ezekiel Thorp was impressed with all the other returning actors who joined Tennant in the episode, including Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Sophie Aldred, Janet Fielding, Bonnie Langford, John Bishop, Bradley Walsh, and David Bradley.

This Tweeter loved the fact that Tennant’s Doctor checking his teeth was a call-back to his first appearance, where he also mentioned his teeth.

Though Mr TARDIS was less impressed, referencing the multiple times Tennant has already returned to the role.

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What did John Boyega say about the new Doctor?

John Boyega is no stranger to sci-fi, having played Finn in Star Wars Episodes VII-IX. The actor was was clearly happy about David Tennant’s return, calling him “the best doctor ever.”

David Tennant will play The Doctor in three episodes due to air on the BBC in November 2023. Then Ncuti Gatwa assumes the mantle that December.

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