Disenchanted: Will there be an Enchanted 3?

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Disenchanted is the long-awaited sequel to the 2007 hit film. It just dropped on Disney+, but will there be a third Enchanted film on the way?

Disney‘s Disenchanted is the highly-anticipated follow-up to the 2007 fantasy musical Enchanted starring Amy Adams. And after 15 years of waiting, it’s finally here. We enjoyed it quite a bit, so you can check out our review here.

The synopsis of the film is as such, “Years after her happily ever after, Giselle, Robert and Morgan move to a new community and Andalasia and the real world are thrown off-balance.”

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With the sequel being so anticipated, there’s clearly interest in more Enchanted stories. Which begs the question: Will Disenchanted lead to an Enchanted 3?

Will Disenchanted lead to Enchanted 3?

As of writing, there are no official plans for an Enchanted 3.

This may be disappointing to some, but that doesn’t mean that there will never be a third film, just that neither Enchanted creators nor Disney have made any official statements on the matter.

Though even if there was another film, it’s unclear if all the actors would be willing to take part. As it’s been over a decade since the last movie, some of the franchises’ stars may have left the Hollywood industry by the time a threequel would come along.

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What would Enchanted 3 be about?

Disenchanted was about Giselle (Amy Adams) and her family moving away from New York City and into the suburbs of Monroeville. After a few bumps in the road – which we won’t spoil, but they’re bumps of the magical kind – the family seems happy in their new life.

There’s no super obvious idea about where the story could go next, but as this film shows how Giselle and Morgan’s (Gabriella Baldacchino) relationship has transformed as the latter becomes a teenager, the third film could perhaps cover them when Morgan is a full grown adult.

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Also, Giselle still keeps in touch with Andalasia, she even has a portal in her back garden where Prince Edward (James Marsden) and Nancy (Idina Menzel) can pop out of to visit. Since Morgan is also able to visit this animated world in Disenchanted, perhaps Enchanted 3 could cover Giselle’s return to her old home.

When would Enchanted 3 come out?

As Enchanted 3 has not been confirmed, there’s no defintive date when it would come out.

If the film were to be announced, it’s release could be any time really. Disenchanted came out over a decade after the original, so the third film could follow suit. This would give time for a new story to be written, and new problems for Giselle and her family to face as their lives continue. Though considering how anticipated this sequel was, a threequel could potentially come out a lot faster.

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However, ultimately this is all hearsay. For now, let’s enjoy the two films that we do have, and catch the trailer for Disenchanted if you haven’t already:

Disenchanted is currently available to stream on Disney+