Daredevil: Born Again set photos confirm how Punisher & Kingpin fit into the season

Christopher Baggett
an image of jon berthal as the punisher in daredevil

Daredevil: Born Again set leaks have confirmed two long-rumored stories featuring Kingpin and The Punisher for the MCU reboot series.

Fans eagerly awaiting Daredevil: Born Again have gotten yet another crumb of information, thanks to the series’ late-night shoots in New York City.

This time, it’s a first look at Jeremy Earl as Cole North, filming a scene on the city streets. For the scene, he’s notably wearing a bulletproof vest with a Punisher logo on it.

Scooper DanielRPK shared the first look on Twitter, saying it was “Confirmation they are still doing the dirty cops using the Punisher symbol storyline.”

Fans are obviously looking forward to the show more than ever, based on the post’s comments. LuisPereiaDT shared their excitement, saying, “That storyline slapped and its awesome that they are going this path when bringing the characters and universe again!”

“I have a feeling Marvel is making a comeback with this one.” GuruSaysSo added.

“Nice,” FTWolf4 said, “That should be a good story. Lots for people to think about and to compare to the real world.”

The leaks also make it clear the story will pick up from Echo’s Devil’s Reign tease, featuring Wilson Fisk as Mayor and his anti-vigilante legislature. Earl’s character is seen wearing an arm patch that reads “Anti-Vigilante Task Force, New York City—Mayor Fisk.”

The dirty cop storyline was an early leak for Daredevil: Born Again. The season is said to feature a sub-plot focusing on a group of police officers who have adopted the Punisher’s logo and methods as their own. That puts them directly in the crosshairs of Frank Castle, who doesn’t want them to use his war as an excuse.

Who is Daredevil: Born Again’s Cole North?

The character Earl reportedly plays, Cole North, is a fairly recent addition to the Marvel pantheon, but this would be a stark departure from his comic book portrayal. North debuted in 2019’s Daredevil #1 as a former Chicago detective who transferred to the NYPD.

He’s an honest cop overall but has a disdain for vigilantes. He spent much of his early appearances at odds with Daredevil before they came to a sort of peace, with the two working together during the Devil’s Reign event. North later helped Daredevil train The First during The Red Fist Saga and is currently helping Foggy Nelson as an in-house private detective.

Daredevil: Born Again Part 1 is expected to hit Disney+ in 2025.

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