Chris Evans thinks Ana de Armas will win an Oscar for Blonde

Cameron Frew
Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde

Ana de Armas is set to win an Oscar for her performance as Marilyn Monroe in Netflix’s Blonde, according to Chris Evans.

Evans and De Armas starred together in Knives Out, Rian Johnson’s fall murder mystery. The pair shared several scenes together, whether she was chowing down on a plate of toast and beans or puking in his face.

They also reunited for The Gray Man, the Russo Brothers’ mega-budget Netflix caper, appearing alongside Ryan Gosling.

So, you could say the Captain America star is a worthy judge of De Armas’ talents – and he thinks she’s in line to take home the Oscar for Blonde.

Chris Evans told Ana de Armas she’ll win an Oscar for Blonde

Blonde, starring Ana De Armas as Marilyn Monroe, is a “bold reimagining” of the Hollywood starlet’s life, based on Joyce Carol Oates’ bestselling novel.

Much has been said about the film following its early screenings, with many highlighting its explicit, brutal scenes – but the consensus is pretty much unanimous on De Armas’ committed performance.

Chris Evans, who watched the film with De Armas while filming The Gray Man, told Variety: “I think this was one of the first opportunities she had to really sink her teeth into something incredibly demanding. I didn’t see one bit of fear; I saw excitement.”

When she first showed the MCU veteran a photo of her as Monroe, he reacted: “Okay, that’s Marilyn… where’s your shot? That’s you? Holy sh*t! You’re going to win an Oscar for this!”

Evans also praised De Armas for her performance in Knives Out, especially as she was preparing to take on Blonde, and work on the two films eventually overlapped. “She was literally shouldering the entire movie, but still just came in with incredible focus, incredible confidence, incredible conviction,” he said.

Blonde is due for release on Netflix on September 28. It’s also available to watch in limited cinemas now.

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