Bella Ramsey admits she’s “nervous” for The Last of Us Season 2 due to game’s early plot twist

Bella Ramsey in Last of UsHBO

HBO’s The Last of Us adaptation is off to a flying start, but its leading star Bella Ramsey is admittedly “nervous” ahead of the second season as she’s well aware of a major plot twist in the second video game.

The Last of Us on HBO is only three episodes into its run and the opening chapters have already captivated the masses and charmed critics across the board. We even called the latest installment “one of the best TV episodes of all time.”

As a result of its early acclaim and meteoric growth week over week, HBO has already renewed the series for a second season. This second batch of episodes is expected to cover the events of The Last of Us Part 2, the 2020 follow-up game.

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If you’re out of the loop, this sequel was extremely divisive upon release, leading to immense backlash and criticism for its bold narrative decisions. It’s these shocking twists and turns in the second game that now has Ellie’s live-action actor Bella Ramsey “nervous” for what’s to come.

Major spoilers for The Last of Us Part 2 below. Do not continue reading if you want Season 2 of the HBO series to be a surprise.

Naughty Dog
Ellie’s journey in The Last of Us Part 2 takes some shocking turns.

When discussing the future of her role in a recent interview with Josh Horowitz, Ramsey outlined both what she’s excited for and what she’s a little worried about.

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Ultimately, the buck stops with showrunner Craig Mazin and creator Neil Druckmann, she explained, but if the second season follows everything from the game, she’s most “excited for the Ellie and Dina story.”

“I’ve watched a cutscene, so I’m excited to play that out.” While Dina, Ellie’s future partner, hasn’t been cast in the HBO adaptation yet, Ramsey is eager to flesh out their relationship on screen.

Similarly, the British star is also keen to continue navigating her relationship with Pedro Pascal’s version of Joel Miller. “The complexity of her relationship with Joel and how that gets decidedly more complex… I’m looking forward to that,” she added.

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However, there is one element she’s concerned about recreating. As you might have guessed, it has to do with the shocking, early plot twist of Joel’s death at the hands of Abby. If Season 2 of the show is to mirror the game’s timeline, a vast majority of the next chapter will have Ramsey acting without Pascal by her side.

“I am nervous about it too,” she said. “I’m nervous about… I know what happens in the second game. I’m nervous about being potentially without Pedro for a while. It’s going to be really sad.”

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Ramsey discusses Ellie’s future at the 26:40 mark below.

Obviously, we’ll still get to see the two side by side through various flashbacks along the way, but it does mean less overall screen time shared between Joel and Ellie, and thus Pascal and Ramsey, in the second season.

Given it’s still early days yet though, Ramsey has a while yet to come to grips with the sequel’s storyline before production on Season 2 gets underway.