A Time Called You: How Rowoon’s LGBTQ cameo fits into the storyline

A Time Called You with guest appearance by RowoonNetflix

Fans were stunned when Netflix‘s A Time Called You had K-Pop idol and actor Rowoon in a cameo appearance alongside Ahn Hyo Seop. His head-scratching LGBTQ cameo plays a bigger role in the K-drama than originally believed.

Besides the complexities of timelines and time travel, the K-drama had fans talking. Ahn appeared as a character that looks exactly like Si-heon and Yeon-jun.

In A Time Called You Episode 8, he’s at a hagwon (tutoring school) and anxiously waiting for someone. The scene implies there’s something more between the character and his friend before tragedy struck with a car crash.

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The true meaning behind the scene is not fully explained until putting the pieces together. But how does the scene play into the gravity of the overall storyline of Jun-hee (Seo Yeo-been), Si-heon, Min-ju, and Yeon-jun?

Ahn Hyo-seop as Yeon-jun with Rowoon in A Time Called YouNetflix

Rowoon’s cameo scene implies the real Yeon-jun was gay in A Time Called You

Based on Rowoon’s scene, it means the real Yeon-jun was gay and would have likely never fallen in love with Jun-hee until Si-heon traveled into his body. Episode 8 revealed that Si-heon time-traveled from 2002 to 2007 after a bus accident. He woke up in the body of Yeon-jun.

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Let’s break it down. The eighth episode cracks the K-drama wide open. Si-heon lived his timeline after Min-ju’s murder. He went to America and returned to only get into a bus accident while listening to the tape recorder. In Jun-hee’s timeline, Yeon-jun is someone who looks like Si-heon, allowing Si-heon to travel into his body.

When he woke up, Yeon-jun’s mother was there and confirmed he was in a coma while his friend died. Since 1998, Si-heon remembers Min-ju/Jun-hee talking about her love story with Yeon-jun. Having fallen in love with her, Si-heon recreates meeting Jun-hee and them falling in love.

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It’s then revealed that Jun-hee fell in love with 1998 Si-heon in her timeline, and not the real Yeon-jun. Rowoon’s cameo scene in A Time Called You proved that the real Yeon-jun was in love with his friend, and were just starting to confess their feelings before the crash. In reality, if Si-heon never entered his body, Yeon-jun and Jun-hee were never destined to really be together.

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