A Time Called You: Are Min-ju and Jun-hee the same person?

Actor Jeon Yeo-been played two characters in A Time Called YouNetflix

Netflix‘s A Time Called You creates an interwoven timeline between its two female characters Jun-hee (Jeo Yeo-been) and Min-ju between 2023 and 1998.

The K-drama focuses primarily on Jun-hee’s grief over the loss of her boyfriend a year ago. When getting gifts only he would know about, she also receives a photo of three high school students. One of which looks exactly like her dead lover, and a girl who looks oddly similar to her. But Jun-hee was a child in 1998.

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She soon receives a tape recorder she has never seen before. On a bus ride home, she listens to it and travels back in time to 1998 in the life and body of Min-ju. As the K-drama progresses, Jun-hee tries to uncover the truth behind Min-ju’s derailed life and murder. Also, the shocking truths about her love story with Yeon-jun (Ahn Hyo-seop).

But details of the K-drama have many wondering if Min-ju and Jun-hee are the same person as they have strikingly similar features in A Time Called You.

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A Time Called You has Min-ju take on Jun-hee’s features in 1998

In short, Min-ju in 1998 is not the same person as Jun-hee in 2023. They are two different people whose timelines intersect due to time travel.

It’s understandable that the very characters in A Time Called You get confused if Min-ju and Jun-hee are the same person. In Min-ju’s backstory, she looks very different from Jun-hee and more timid. But fans may remember when Jun-hee first saw the photo, Min-ju did look similar to Jun-hee. When she first time travels to 1998, she lives Min-ju’s life, but audiences only see Jun-hee, not Min-ju’s face.

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Everyone around Min-ju also noticed that she is more outspoken and fearless, that’s because it’s really Jun-hee. As the K-drama progresses, it becomes clear that Min-ju’s timeline includes her murder. While Jun-hee’s in 2023 involves her boyfriend’s death. Their lives have different outcomes but are connected because of Jun-hee’s time travel to try and save Min-ju.

Throughout the K-drama, it’s also revealed that Min-ju’s face has taken on Jun-hee’s features. Even Si-heon (Ahn) comments to In-gyu (Kang Hoon) if he’s noticed the subtle changes that now appeal to him.

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It’s also seen when the truth about Chan-yeong (Min Jin-woong) is revealed. He became obsessive over Min-ju’s true “puppy” face when he was younger. But he also realizes the truth because he recounts how when meeting Jun-hee in college, she looked like Min-ju. Only to realize it’s because her 2023 time travel to 1998 changed Min-ju’s features.

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