20th Century Studios releases first few minutes of The New Mutants early

Tanner Pierce
The New Mutants logo

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Despite hearing nothing about an updated release date for the movie, 20th Century Studios unveiled the first few minutes of their upcoming X-Men film The New Mutants during the ComicCon@Home panel today.

Even though many movies  across the industry have been delayed, pushed to digital/streaming releases, or are being left up in limbo, it seems like 20th Century Studios doesn’t want to resort to any of them with their upcoming release of The New Mutants.

Despite this level of uncertainty within the film industry right now, the studio seems to be pushing forward with marketing surrounding the movie, kicking things off with a ComicCon@Home panel earlier today.

While the panel itself gave fans an inside look at some behind-the-scenes information surrounding the movie, the virtual conversation ended with a pretty cool surprise: the first two and a half minutes of the film, complete with the new, updated 20th Century Studios logo.

While the clip doesn’t give us much in terms of details surrounding the plot, it does accomplish two very important things: First and foremost, it does a good job of setting the tone for the movie itself, complimenting the first trailer’s horror vibes. At the same time, it gives fans the longest, most raw look at the film itself.

Even though filming for the project has been completed for over two years now, fans haven’t seen anything from the release aside from two separate trailers, so it’s nice to finally see something of substance from the film.

While the ComicCon@Home panel had a 30-minute discussion about New Mutants, there was no update on the release date, despite the rumor that it might be making its way to Disney Plus in September.

Regardless of whether or not it does indeed come to the streaming service at some point, it’ll be interesting to see what happens to the film, especially with today’s indefinite delay of other movies like Mulan.