What is an adult Capri-Sun? Viral TikTok drink explained

Molly Byrne
adult Capri sun

Here are all of the steps on how to make TikTok’s viral adult Capri-Sun.

Capri-Suns have been a popular juice beverage for decades. With plenty of flavors like Pacific Cooler, Kiwifruit, Tropical Punch, and more, it’s a great addition to any snack.

Though there is no age limit to drink a Capri-Sun, TikToker Viral Cocktails revealed the recipe to make an adult Capri-Sun solely for people aged 21 and up.

For starters, you’ll need a bag of your favorite frozen fruit. Whether that be mixed berry, mango, or blueberry, any 16 Oz bag will do.

Next, open the bag and pour in a good amount of lemonade. Lastly, add vodka.

You’ll also need a straw to poke through the bag once the resealable top of the bag is closed back up to prevent any spillage.

Those who have seen videos on TikTok of people’s renditions of an adult Capri-Sun have since reacted by saying they’ll be trying it as soon as possible.

“Listen… this is ghetto. I’m gonna do it,” wrote one viewer.

“Trying this ASAP,” said another.

One viewer also recommended using white wine instead of vodka, saying it “works well.”

Many others suggested blending all of the ingredients, while some weren’t sure if they’d even be alive after being able to add as much vodka as they desired.

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