Groom gets backlash after smashing wedding cake in bride’s face in viral TikTok

wedding cake viral TikTokTikTok: Jade Kennedy

A groom in a viral TikTok video is receiving backlash for forcefully smashing the wedding cake in his bride’s face.

Generally speaking, a person’s wedding day should count among the happiest days of their lives. Many would argue there’s little room for mishaps, especially considering how much some ceremonies cost.

Some people don’t mind the occasional imperfection, though, so long as they can spend their special day with loved ones.

But if the internet catches wind of certain behaviors, what one person perceives as little more than “couple’s comedy” can ignite a world of backlash.

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Groom catches the internet’s ire over wedding cake TikTok

TikToker Jade Kennedy recently shared a clip from her wedding ceremony, in which her new husband pushes the cake into her face.

The video begins with the groom cutting a slice of wedding cake, then heading over to his wife. She backs away, fully aware of his intentions, but he won’t let up. Within seconds, the bride’s on the floor from his forcefully smashing the cake on her face.

Kennedy’s post suggests she harbors no sour feelings about the ordeal. According to her caption, in fact, the groom was getting payback for her previously pulling the same stunt.

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“Love my arsehole of a husband all the world,” she added before finishing the caption with hashtags including “#couplecomedy” and “funny.”

Not everyone found humor in the viral TikTok of a bride having wedding cake smashed in her face, however.

Kennedy disabled comments on the video, but TikToker Xtina made her comdemnation known in a duet. “I would divorce that straight away,” the latter wrote.

Comments to the Xtina clip agree the groom went too far. One person him a “walking red flag.” Others said their brothers or fathers would intervene in such a situation since the newlywed was “too aggressive.”

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