Skincare experts advise against dangerous TikTok beer tanning trend

Molly Byrne

After TikTokers started a trend of using beer as a tanning method, skin experts at SkinStore shared with Dexerto the potential medical damage that could arise from using alcohol to tan.

As summer is upon us, so is the sunshine. And if there’s one thing we know about the sun, it’s that it is perfect for attaining a natural glow.

But sometimes the sun isn’t enough, resulting in people coming up with various ways to get that bronze glow faster.

Though it is recommended that people having fun in the sun use sun-tanning lotions that include both UVA and UVB, TikTokers are taking matters into their own hands, having gone viral for using beer as an alternative tanning method. 

mother pours beer over daughter's shoulders to increase her tan

Skincare experts urge warning against viral TikTok beer tanning trend 

After the recent TikTok beer tanning trend went viral, skincare experts at SkinStore sent out urgent messages warning folks against using beer to become more tan while going outdoors for summer activities.

Though those experimenting with beer as a tanning method have claimed that the hops and yeast activate the melanin in the skin, the truth is, yeast buildup can potentially cause rashes and burns.

With the trend having gone viral, skin experts at SkinStore have said, with urgency, “While some people believe in the benefits of hop and yeast to enrich the skin, pouring lager directly onto the skin will lead to a build-up of yeast in certain areas and cause an infection. This could be anything from a red rash to large bumps, which could be made much worse by the sticky smell of beer on your body increasing the likelihood of being bitten and stung by bugs.”

“Opting for a can of beer rather than sunscreen will leave you vulnerable and unprotected against any harmful ultraviolet radiation, leading to sunstroke, sunburn, and the potential risk of skin cancer.”

To make matters worse, people have refrained from using the recommended SPF, increasing the likelihood of the future skin problems like peeling skin and the potential of skin cancer.

This has caused experts to send out a PSA full of information regarding the cause and effect of what using beer to tan could do to your current and future physical health — and the results aren’t pretty.

Not only can your skin burn and peel, overtime, the more you expose yourself to extreme sunning conditions, the likelier it is that you’ll have skin cancer in the future.

This is why experts at SkinStore advise against using beer as a tanning method. Instead, they have recommended applying sunscreen every two hours, especially if the UV index is above three.

TikTok trends can not only lead to short-term harm but death, as well. Here’s the latest news on what trends are considered too dangerous.

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