Staples employee quits on the job and pops champagne in viral TikTok

. 12 days ago
tiktoker quits job at staples

A Staples employee has gone viral on TikTok for quitting his job in style and popping a champagne bottle after walking out.

Have you ever worked a job you didn’t like? Have you ever dreamed about quitting on the spot? That’s exactly what TikToker ‘kingcjdukes’ did after deciding to leave his job at Staples.

In the video, which has managed to amass over 1.5 million views in just four days, the employee alerts his boss that he’s quitting before walking outside to give a motivational speech.

“Hey, today is going to be my last day,” he said, handing his keys over to his boss. “I quit.”

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Staples employee quits in style on TikTok

On his way out the door, the TikToker handed his camera for a coworker to film as he explained his reasoning for leaving his career at Staples behind.

“Sometimes we just give all our time to these companies working these 9-5s and we don’t get to enjoy life,” he remarked. “Don’t get me wrong. A 9-5 is cool to work and everything, you do what you gotta do, but my time is up.”

Kingcjdukes went on to say how he wasn’t going to become a millionaire working for another company, thanking his followers for supporting his own business creating art and music.

TikToker quits job
Now that’s how you quit in style!

“F**k this 9-5. We’re gonna be millionaires out here,” he added while beginning to open up a champagne bottle and stand on top of his car in celebration.

With over 350,000 followers on TikTok, hopefully the content creator can make good on going full time now that he’s left Staples, and will continue to grow doing something he’s actually passionate about.

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