TikToker leaves doctor stunned after claiming her appendix just “disappeared”

Terry Oh
tiktok appendix

In a viral video uploaded on TikTok, a woman shared how she shocked herself alongside doctors after her appendix presumably vanished.

Ladies & Tangents is a content creation team consisting of two women: Ciara and Jeri. They primarily create podcasts, during which they share stories from their day to day, then upload their content on various platforms.

In one of their podcasts clips uploaded on TikTok, Ciara revealed to her co-host her appendix mysteriously disappeared.

During a hospital visit, where she was originally being checked for appendicitis, CT scan results apparently displayed no signs of her appendix residing anywhere inside her body — it was gone.

Despite this bodily anomaly, the TikToker showed up to her podcast the same day after the hospital visit, and shared her story on the platform.

Ciara had been suffering from pain in her abdominal for a couple days. After hearing her complaints, her significant other pointed out she may have appendix health problems. The pain got to a point where Ciara decided it was time to go to the hospital.

On the TikToker’s visit to the hospital, the doctor confirmed the concern, and made a preemptive diagnosis. They stated the pain was likely from appendicitis, but they needed to run more tests to sure.

“So we figured some things out. First of all, your appendix doesn’t show up on the CT scan,” the doctor told Ciara in her retelling of the incident.

“But there’s no inflammation where your appendix should be, so that’s good.”

But the missing appendix wasn’t the end. Towards the end of the video, the doctor discovered a dangerous spot on her lungs, indicating she was afflicted with pneumonia as well. Users commended Ciara for her fortitude, as she still showed up to the podcast and continued on her business as usual.

“If this isn’t an example of women coping with chronic pain and just powering on through, I don’t know what is,” one TikToker commented.

Some TikTokers were confused by the story, and expected the spot in the lungs, which was evidence for pneumonia, to be the lost appendix.

tiktok appendix

It’s unclear as to exactly how Ciara’s appendix disappeared. Perhaps her appendix is actually still there, and the doctors somehow missed it on the CT scan. Or maybe she had her appendix removed as a child, but didn’t realize it.

Regardless it’s not there — and it’s unlikely to show back up.

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