McDonald’s employee claims they paid store back after accepting fake cash in viral TikTok

Terry Oh
McDonalds location

After accepting fake money during a busy shift, a McDonalds worker had to pay out of pocket, essentially resulting in them working the entire day for free for a small mistake.

Being ripped off never feels good — and in Tiktoker’s ‘dxdamn‘ case, they claimed they were forced to essentially work for free after accepting fake money from a customer at McDonald’s.

During a busy shift, the worker was taken off guard by customers allegedly pressuring them to take certain money. Since their manager was busy, they accidentally accepted the money, a mistake they ended up paying for.

In the Tiktok video, the text stated: “To the people who came to my store and handed me fake money… Thanks, I have to pay 150 dollars outta pocket.”

The worker made an honest mistake, one which many of the comments don’t believe they had to pay for themselves. One user commented “legally, it’s not your fault, and you do not have to pay.”

Another user chimed in: “This happened to me you don’t gotta work for free if you quit.”

The top comments are in resounding agreement, stating it shouldn’t be the worker’s responsibility to pay for the mistake. These things happen, and there are policies and laws to protect the workers in this situation.

Hopefully the viral TikTok reached the McDonald’s workers’ manager and helped them get out of trouble.

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