Man’s Tesla returned after Checkers restaurant towed it while he ordered food

Dylan Horetski
checkers tows mans car

A man trying to order food from the local Checkers restaurant was shocked after the company has his Tesla towed from the parking lot.

In various cities around the world, some businesses may decide to have a tight rein on parking limits in areas with not as many places available to park.

This may mean that a tow truck is on standby, ready for a business to call and say that they need a tow.

Roger Good learned about this the hard way after Checkers had his Tesla towed while he was ordering food, and he took to TikTok to share his frustrations.

Man’s Tesla towed while ordering food at Checkers

On February 6, 2024, Good shared a video from outside of the Checkers restaurant he was at when his Tesla was towed and showed the tow truck pulling back into the parking lot with it attached. According to the man, Checkers has signs noting that you’re only allowed to park there for 15 minutes.

“Was only here for 4 minutes and sat down, and then they towed my car. They talking about [how they] asked everybody who’s car this was,” he said in text on the video.

“I been there for 5 minutes watching these birds fight for at least 40 seconds, turn around I see my car getting towed, the manager never asked me was this my car. I guess it just look like it’s not my car huh? They made a mistake and just knew to bring it back quick. Im pissed and this needs to be handled.”

Users took to the replies to share their thoughts on the situation as well, with many saying the restaurant should compensate him.

“He would’ve owed me a meal,” one user replied.

Another said: “I had this happen at my job. They towed my car thinking it was just parked there because I always parked in the same spot. I stopped working and waited until they brought it back.”

“I’m glad this worked out for you bc I never seen them do this,” a third commented.

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